Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the Tiger Woods Situation

Ive never been into golf, but heck Tiger Woods has been one of the best golfers since I was in 5th grade[from what I've read and heard]. But this whole situation is crazy! It all strted with him wrecking his SUV... I'm still stuck on how this all happened if his wife was chasing after him? and now multiple women are coming out claiming to have been in an affair?! WTF... the local news this morning spoke with a rep for the first woman that spoke about her affair with Tiger. Apparently she thought she was the onlyother woman?!?!?! WHAT! since when is being the OTHER WOMAN okay?! Last I checked it never was. This is just a shame. If there are other women that have had some kind of affair with Tiger I will be shocked... for all parties involved. Tiger shouldn't have cheated AND these women should be ashamed of being with a married man-- now they'll be labled home-wreckers.....

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