Friday, June 15, 2012

Rebuilding Nail Polish Collection

Recently I've gotten back into the groove of buying nail polish again. Mainly because I hate spending $40+ for acrylic nails that only last me a month. But I used to be so hooked on Sally Hansen polish. THEN I realized that Sinful Colors makes nice colors and are about a dollar cheaper than S.H.! I'm a super cheapskate when I can be sooooo yea, that will be the new brand that I start buying until I rebuild my collection some more.

Currently I'm in the process of making an excel spreadsheet with all the brands/colors of polish I own and I will try to make small photo log as well.

Do any of you ladies have an extensive polish collection?

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Back in April I moved into my sister's house and started a new part-time job. I don't mind the living situation even though it completely different than when I lived with my brother- there is about twice as many people at my sister's house. Therefore there is little privacy.

Recently my best friend and I have been talking about moving... to Seattle. Which is a pretty long ways away from Texas and Connecticut [where she lives]. Initially I had very mixed feelings about the entire situation... I half way wanted to do it and half way didn't. For some reason I felt as if I was going to miss out on something if I moved away from the small town I'm currently living in. Yes, I'm aware how crazy that sounds but initially that's how I thought. However, after doing a few job searches and soul searching I realized that I really don't have much to loose from the transition.

I'm officially done with college and my diploma is being mailed to me as I type. Therefore there's no time like the present to branch off and give myself  the opportunity to spread my wings and grow up some more. I've always been the type of girl that was fearful of taking chances, I've always second guessed myself and at  26 its time I drop that bad habit and quick! So that's exactly what I plan on doing. I haven't really told any of my family yet, I'm going to wait until about a month before I move to do it. I want to wait until the plans are in the final prep stages before hearing criticism from family and friends. All in all I'm very excited for this new transition that I'm about to take. Its something that I truly need to do for personal growth.

Weight Loss

As some of you may remember, I was on a mission in 2011 to loose some weight during the summer. Well I definitely met and surpassed my personal goal that I set! When I first moved to Texas I got a gym membership with 24 Hour Fitness and met with one of the trainers. She thought I would be able to go from 180lbs to 140lbs. I thought she was crazy.... until I started seeing results! Ultimately I got all the way down to 135lbs Now I didn't get any personal trainer sessions added to my membership, just did the initial first free meeting/session. During last summer my eating habits changed a LOT and I did a lot more walking than I would usually also. During a short time during the summer I went on a "Vegetarian Diet"... only planned on doing it for one week; that week turned into six! Since then I have cut red meats out of my diet all together! I really only eat chicken, fish [very rarely] and turkey meat [usually ground turkey meat... its my substitute for beef].

Additional foods I cut-out/cut-down on:
* soda
* candy bars [huge shocker!!!!]
* most "junk" foods
* TV dinners
* fast food
In April of this year I moved to my sister's house and kinda feel off on my good eating habits. Mainly because she cooks so differently than the way I eat. So as a result i did gain about 10lbs within the first month or two... NO BUENO! So to help myself get back on  track with eating right I'm back on a vegetarian diet for this entire month. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing it but i think its the best way for me to really be more accountable of what I eat. By cutting out all types of meat I really have to think "whats a food or combination of foods that's healthy and might fill me up" You'd be surprised what a difference it makes!

One thing that irks me is when people constantly ask why I don't meat beef or any type of meat. Usually the assume I'm Muslim [which I'm not] or they think I'm crazy. Then when I tell them I just want to eat healthier the response I usually get is "but you can eat meat and still eat healthy" --__-- Personally that answer is only partially accurate. If you choose to eat beef, pork, chicken ,etc that's totally fine... but how healthy is the meat if before its cooked the animal is injected with all types of growth hormones... hormones that  you later consume? Now again that's just my own personal opinion. I wouldn't look down on anyone for what they choose to eat. Everyone is free to do as they please. I just sometimes get bothered with the responses I receive when I tell people I don't eat meat or red meat. But I guess that is just something I will have to learn to better deal with.

For further posts I do plan on posting various new meals that I make/try.