Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My 2nd Award

Recently I was given my 2nd blog award!! YAY I feel super honored, I really do!!! Kryssie from Kisses from Kryssie was nice enough to think of my blog after she was also given the award! Thanks chica!! So here are the rules:
* post 5 random facts about yourself
* pass the award on to 5 people [I'm going to try to pass this one to people who have not received this award and do awards post. I know some bloggers don't like posting these, which is fine]

1. I've been wearing contacts for 10 years [obviously not the same pair!!]
2. I don't like roller coasters!
3. .....I have a LOT of debt. =(  I  won't dare tell anyone how much! that's a tip-top secret
4. I have 10 biological nieces/nephews.... and about 5+ non-biological nieces/nephews [thanks to my lovely friends]
5. ....I don't like getting acrylics. hence the reason I've only had them 4 times in my entire life

1. Ms. A Bright
2. Ravyn at
3. Erika at The Pretty Girls world
4. Nikki at
5. Ronesha at

[again i promise to be back sooon with more posts!! I've had soo much to say and not enough time to post much. :-/ ]

Monday, June 7, 2010

Random/Summer Update

Summer school is kicking my BUTT...
I need to find an internship.... this mission has been IMPOSSiBLE
Mom's is in the crappy hospital AGAIN... no bueno
I should be finishing a project instead of typing this [being done Sunday nite... you're seeing it Monday]

I need to update my 101 list....
I'm scared to watch TV [don't wanna see any Eclipse trailers. NONE]
I got my "biff" back.... hahaha  [that's a KStew type insider...]

Life can be such a hectic crazy mess..... =/

I wanna watch Crazy/Beautiful!! [need a VCR tho, lmao]
umm that's all for now..... better posts will come soon!

Oh yea...23 days til Eclipse.... another reason to drool over Taylor Lautner =)

HELLO to all my new followers & commenters =) Thanks! keep doing what you're doing