Monday, June 7, 2010

Random/Summer Update

Summer school is kicking my BUTT...
I need to find an internship.... this mission has been IMPOSSiBLE
Mom's is in the crappy hospital AGAIN... no bueno
I should be finishing a project instead of typing this [being done Sunday nite... you're seeing it Monday]

I need to update my 101 list....
I'm scared to watch TV [don't wanna see any Eclipse trailers. NONE]
I got my "biff" back.... hahaha  [that's a KStew type insider...]

Life can be such a hectic crazy mess..... =/

I wanna watch Crazy/Beautiful!! [need a VCR tho, lmao]
umm that's all for now..... better posts will come soon!

Oh yea...23 days til Eclipse.... another reason to drool over Taylor Lautner =)

HELLO to all my new followers & commenters =) Thanks! keep doing what you're doing

1 comment:

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