Monday, May 31, 2010

I love Twilight and all. BUT...

.. I'm kinda over it. IDK.. maybe because I've chosen not to drown myself in all the clips and previews and interviews. Like I'll see stuff about it online, but I won't bother reading it. I use to follow like 5-10 blogs that were ony about Twilight.. And now I follow like 3, and I don't read those either. I co-run a Twilight blog with a friend but I don't really post anything on there, because well... I'm completely out of the Twilight loop... Ask me what their doing and I won't be able to tell you. Like a few weeks back they were on Oprah.... I taped it but sure haven't watched it yet. Is this a sign of that fad being over in my life? Am I simply growing up and moving on from something that consumed my life for a good 5 months of my 23rd year???!!! I know I will still see the movie, but NOT at midnight due to summer school. Hopefully by the time June 30th rolls up I'll be ready and hyped! Cause I still need to see my beloved tent scene ::insert giddy teeny squeel:: 

nail of the week .

I never do much to my nails; either a french tip or plain polish. This time around I wanted to be a little creative! After staring at my little nail polish collection and viewing a few vids from YouTube I was struck with an idea. I went a little simple/easy and did a polka-dot look. My left hand [pictured] came out wayyy better than my left hand; probably because im right-handed/ Here it is. Let me know what you think.

  • Polish- Sinful Colors #30 Courtney Orangepolka-dots - Milani nail art pen #704 White Canvas- Nutra Nail Green Tea nail strengthener
  • base coat
  • top coat- came in KISS French-Mani set [got it ages ago]

What do you girls think?!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 videos.... same reaction- shocked..

So three four new videos from artists I like or LOVE premiered in the last week.... and this is what I thought:

1. "Yo Side of  the Bed"  Trey Songz - how for the love of God can anyone not love this man?!?!?! The video is sooo touching! I always liked this song.. love when he hits his lil notes ahhh... but back to the video. Loved the theme... Keri looked really cute; they made a cute lil married couple!! Since I had seen the behind the scenes a few weeks back it kinda took away from the part when.... Trey breaks down... ahhh sooo touching! overal very cute video! I'm sure military families everywhere will like it!

2."No Bullshit" -Chris Brown- I always liked CB. this song *kinda*  reminds me of his song "Take You Down"... has the same sexual theme... but this video.... WHOA Chris... Someone is one freaky lil 21 yr old! People were blowing twitter up about him lickin some girl's ass [WTF?!]....  I really don't know what I think of this..... its like a few steps shy of being a sex tape/porno.... not really a good look Chris. Still love ya..

3. "RockStar 101" Rihanna .... yea I was shocked alright... what the F was this?!?!? I love her last album but all the damn videos she's putting out keep getting stranger! What happened to the 'Good Girl Gone Bad-album Rihanna?? Guess she went all that way bad! still love her songs.I honestly have not clue as to how any of that video related to the song. Anyone know?! Please let me know! lol

4. "Deuces" Chris Brown [again]. I forgot he released a mixtape and I guess this means a lot more videos will be made .... I just watched this video/heard  the song  all for the first time. I like the song, the video is okay, nothing fancy. Not sure why there's a random girl walking around... I guess just for the heck of them having a "model" in the video.. hahaha. But again, nice song; good meaning. I really forgot that CB can dance.. he still has good moves. overall nice video

Friday, May 21, 2010

Graduation Checklist

So its almost time for my Graduation!!! YAY!!! I can not wait! i just need to get through my last 2 finals and all will be okay!
  • Announcements and pics sent out [this was harder to do than necessary..... some people still saying they haven't received theirs :-/ ]
  • Finals [as of 5.20.10 I'm done]
  • Cap 'n Gown
  • Decoration supplies for Cap....
  • Dress [had one hidden in my closet that I've never worn.. and it FITS!!! ]
  • Ring ["if you like it then you should've put a ring on it" . ummm I DID!]
  • Lunch destination for after the Ceremony---> Red Lobster!! YUM
  • download a bunch of sappy graduation songs [starting with that Vitamin C song. hehehe]

The thought of college graduation seems so surreal... eventually it will all sink in! After I work the upcoming weekend, its decoration time!!!!! 

The Nail Debate......

So my graduation ceremony is WEDNESDAY! Ahhhhh. I want to look nice, of course, and this includes my nails. Now I occasionally like acrylic nails but HATE the process of getting them off!!!!! So I was thinking of getting the KISS press/glue nails but idk if they make them long enough to cover my nails my fingers/fingernails are kinda long. So since I prob wont be in the mood to search for the
'long' kind I many just resort to painting my own nails :-/

Do you girls have any suggestions on what I could do???

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[[ My Faves ]]

Soo quite a few blogs (As For Amy,and Ms A. Bright )that i read have done one of these little surveys/questionnaires... sooo I'm hopping on the ban-wagon so you all can learn a little more about me!

1. Favorite Hobby reading.... soon it will be playing guitar , once i learn =)
2. Fave TV show Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill and CSI Miami

3. Fav Resturant Food
anything with Shrimp

4. Fav thing to shop for
shirts.. its also the easiest thing for me to shop for!

5. Fav Animal
.... don't have one

6 Fav Song
i have far toooo many to name one! a few would be "Hate That I Love You" and "Rehab"-Rhianna  "Mad" and  "Single"- both by Ne-Yo, "You're Not Sorry" -Taylor Swift

7. Favorite Word
stank heffa

8. Fave recent YT video
..... don't really have a fav YouTube vid.. i just watch music vids and the various guru channels.....

9. Fav Movie
again tooo many to name them all. A few include: all Will Smith movies, Hairspray, Shrek 3, and a large variety of other movies... not limited to one genre!

10. Favorite childhood memory

* not sure if I need to tag anyone. but feel free to do this if you wish! =)
watching GOOD quality cartoons! and childhood in general before the internet took over!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Desperate times..... Call for Desperate Measures!!!

So I was working on a project the other day and a website I was looking at mentioned the Body Mass Index. Now I haven't check one of these since last semester so I figured I see where I stood on this scale... ::cries:: APPARENTLY:: I'm overweight!!!! For my age and height, the average weight tends to be 118 to 159 .. that seems like a huge gap!! Now I was 130ish wayyyy back in middle school! and i've prob been over 140 since high school but I really need to get more serious about excercising!!

I weighed myself the other day and ::Gasps:: I've gain like 7lbs since my bday!! WTF!!! Sooooo I did what any worried woman would do..... I bought some "detox/ cleanse" products. I originaly wanted to try QuickTrim..... the stuff the Kardashian sisters sponser,  but chose not to. So I bought SlimQuick [the names are damn near the same]. It wasn't tooo pricey, but its a lot of freakin' pills :-/ I wil keep you all updated on how this goes....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

April buys

I kinda went on a make-up frenzy =/ I won't be doing this again for a while!!! But I'm trying to try out different brands to see which i like.. and when thing are on sale [like buy 1, get 1 free OR get 1 at 50% off]  I can't resist!


- eye shadow- Electric Pop: the case was cute... and I got a $3 coupon for spending $10 on Revlon products!!! I like the colors. The dark blue almost look grey-ish since i dont pile it on my eye lids.
- polish- Black Lingerie: the only other black polish I had was from NYC and it was horrible!! waayyy too watery and needed 10 coats! This Revlon polish does the job in only 2 coats... really only one is needed BUT to help it stay longer i use 2 coats!

- lip stick - 290 Sugared Bronze... haven't bought a lip stick since I was like 11.. and I only bought it then cause I thought it was cute

- gloss- Cherry Kiss... it's suppose to be a cherry flavor.. but i can't tell =/ sooo its 'okay'

Sally henson polish
- Expres-so Yellow:... I had a yellow polish that I got from Vicki Secret about 2 years ago, but I no longer liked how it looked on my nails :-/ this polish goes on nice and smooth doesn't look watery or anything! [its in the first 2 pics, you can kinda see it!!]

Rimmel London
- mascara- Glam Eyes in Extreme Black: This case was sooo cute and i like how this mascara doesn't clump! I'm not a huge masacra girl.. so i use this occasionally

- gloss- Royal Gloss in Cookie: this lip gloss is poppin! haha jk But this gloss really taste like the flavor! sometimes, I've noticed that it kinda spills out of the little tube.... but that could be because i keep it in my pocket while at work... but I still love it!

It's Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms that read this!! Have an awesome day and relax as much as possible.... If you're not a mom, like me, be sure to let all the mom's you know that you're thinking about them!!! I just texted some moms i know!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

=) I *heart* Twitter

... and the celebs who take it over [most of them....] I won't lie, I originally joined twitter because my ultimate fav celeb [Justin Timberlake- duh] had a page!!! Now idk how many celebs I follow.... but I always thought it was kinda cool that these famous poeple used twitter since it is a social networking site, and well they clearly are already super social people, right?! So anywho.... I saw a billboard earler for Letter to Juliet and it made me think of Dear John, which I haven't yet seen =( so I took to twitter to see if anyone had any clue when it would be out..

... A few hours later I got a respose..... but not from any kind of likely source..... the star of Dear John [uhhh he played John!!] Mr. Channing Tatum himself responded.. to ME! hahaha now im sure some of you may be thinking "oh that was probably him manager or publicist"..... ummm STOP HATIN' haha. please don't burst my little bubble..... I've been on cloud 9 the last few days and now I think im at cloud 10!! hahaha. And I do have proof.. hahaha worked some computer techno magic... I feel proud.... now I just need JTimberlake or Trey Songz to reply to a message of mine and I'm set!!!

sooo yea if you have a twitter follow me!! let me know you're from my blog and i'll follow back for sure!!! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Music - Repetiton

I'm about a week behind.. but it's totally justified... I know I said I would be a little MIA.. but apparently my brain is NOT in "study for finals" mode.... oh dear.... soooo until my brain switches gears here is another music post.
Artist who's music I have the MOST of in my iTunes Library!

5. T.I.   47 songs/videos

4. Trey Songz 53 songz/videoz

braids or no braids i LOVE his voice!

3.*NSYNC - 55 songs/ videos

2.Christina Aguilera AND Destiny's Child 56 songs/videos each


1. Britney Spears 67 songs/ videos

Close calls....
Backstreet Boys 43 songs [im missing 2 of their CDs.... they pro could've been #2]
Brandy 44 songs
Chris Brown 42 songs

Which music artists dominate your iPod?!?!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

As For Amy Give-a-way

Amy over at  As for Amy is having a giveaway!! She's giving one lucky winner an gift from Edible Arrangements!!! Edible Arrangments has some good fruit creations!! So enter for your chance to win! Her contest ends May 15th!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekly Funnies - commericals

These are a few commericals/videos that I think are soo funnie!!!

A servailiance video.. I don't want to sound mean BUT this is hilarious!!!

BEST Orbit Gum commerical EVER!!!

Doritos commerical.. I'm sure everyone has seen it, yes??? I think its so cute

* Do you girls know of any other funny vids??