Monday, February 22, 2010

YAY "Carry Out" is finally here!!!

Y'all know I know love me some JT... this video came out Friday.. but due to the new job I'm just seeing it now.. on Sunday Monday [since its after midnight]

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Necessaties of a college senior

The other day I was in my campus bookstore, (the first time in months) and a company was there with information about class rings. I was all excited because I didn't get a class ring in high school so I though it would be cool to have one now as I'm preparing to graduate college. But then I saw the prices.... nearly $600!!!! Then today the other day in one of my classes I was talking with a friend about the grad/senior fair and she mentioned how she need to get invitations and pictures taken, etc. This further got me thinking... graduating college is freaking expensive. So I've compiled a list of the things I will need to do btwn now and May 26!! I'm just glad my 2nd job came through or I'd be u a creek w/o a paddle [lol.. I know its a super old quote, but it works]

  • take 'senior' pictures
  • order cap & gown [$45]
  • buy supplies to decorate cap.. it's gonna be cute!
  • make invitations.... i'm gonna spare myself some money and they to make these on my own
  • graduation ring [$600+]
  • 'graduation' outfit
  • pick location for lunch after
  • grad party? I still don't know about this one....
  • I'm sure theres more stuff that I'll need

Monday, February 15, 2010

Airplane issues... shame

So has everyone heard about the Southwest Airlines involving that director guy... [I believe his name is Michael Moore]. So what happened is the airlines claimed the guy was "too big" to fit into their seats, thus they had to ask him to leave the plane..?!?!?!!? What's worse is, once Moore was transferred to a different plane, he over-heard the same situatiion he was just in, involving a woman on the flight that was "too big" Seriously, WTF!?!?!?! The airlines can't just let those they think are "too big" sit on an isle seat or something?! I think it is really sad that when the majority of the country is "plus size" or at least bigger than a size 6, they would accomodate to this change in some way. I really liked Soutwest before this incident. They were the only airlines I would take... Now I may look into other options the next time I fly.

I Heart Sales

*the was originally posted eariler this month, but I just realized that i had the date set Feb. 1, 2000 rather than 2010!! haha.. wrong decade!
I've always wanted a pair of boots like these... black would have been best, but I must say that I love these! I think the heel is about 2 inches and i can actually walk in them-- which, if you knew me, you'd know thats a HUGE accomplishment... there was a time when this boot would cause me to break my neck

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baking Skills

So I'm no Martha Stweart.... but I like baking. I've been wanting to make cupcakes for the freaking longest!! And finally, I put the books aside and made some yummy cupcakes =) I might just make a hobbie out of this!! ... Watch out Cake Boss! haha jk... [does anyone watch Cake Boss? I LOVE that show... those cakes always look yummy]


after =).. w/ frosting

When I was at the store last week getting the necessary ingredients, a lady was telling me how she wanted to make iPhone cupcakes.. they look yummy, right?! Sometime before 2010 is up, I might try to make these.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Knew there was a reason I loved him......

So this sexy piece of man..

was on Ellen today. I got home early enough [for once] I checked to see who was on The Ellen Show, cause I didn't want to watch Tyra.. and I turned JUST in time to see the end of his interview.... as it turns out my friends... Mr. Channing Tatum used to be a stripper! Hott Damn is all I can say to that... really I have no words for that...I seriously sat with my mouth open for 30 seconds when he said that and then he proceeded  to dance for Ellen.... I wish I could find video clips so I can see the entire interview.... well now I really need to run and see Dear John!! Valentie's Day [movie. not the artificial holiday] might have to wait! LoL

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So much reading... So little time

Yea I know... post overload.. but school is keeping me BUSY! But until my other job calls me to start I've been trying to keep up in my classes!... THESE are the devilish books i must read this semester... the total was 8 BUT i have the same instructor for 2 classes and she changed the required books for each class from 2 to 1!! YAY

The bottom book, with the black binding... its a compilation of 20+ articles =/ too many of my CDFS instructors force us to get those as 'required text'! UGH their a freakin' fortune!!

new 'do

I got really bored with rocking a ponytail.. and I couldn't get my hair done this weekend... soooooo I looked up this hairstyle [its new to me] called Bantu Knots... pretty much after washing your hair you part your hair into small sections and wrap it in a little knot.... let it hair dry OR blow dry hair before knotting. The next morning/day/ how-many-ever-hours-later, you unravel the knots and TA-DA you have a curly style! This is way cuter then the wavy look I attempted once before... =) now I have a simple hair 'do to last me the week!

=( the color is stil not super visible! GRRR

Thursday, February 4, 2010

WTF.... the world is going crazy

this makes absolutely no sense.... So a group of Americans went to Haiti to help out. Gathered a bunch of stranded children... taking to somewhere safe i assume. They [the Americans] then get arrested near Dominica Republic! Charged with Kidnapping... WTF... see you try to help and this is what happens... makes no sense to me.... It really makes me wonder... where the F is the billions of dollars that are being donated from the USA going?! Because if this family/church group had to rescue lost children... Those hefty donations much not be going to help them.. someone please explain.. please.... This is just my initial reaction to seeing that news article online..

.... okay now i have to run to class.. haha

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hi & Thanks!! =)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to quickly say hey to my new followers!!! Thanks for following... tell your friends! lol... I'll try to post as often as possible.. but school is super hectic! But again, thanks!! Okay, now I need to rush and get ready for school.