Tuesday, May 31, 2011


How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?! Mine was.. okay. I worked Friday-Sunday; was off Monday but was sick.... felt like complete crap! No bueno at all!!! But at least it's almost Wednesday

I start my internship tomorrow!!! I should be half sleep by now but Im not... gotta triple check and make sure I have all the paper work done and my lovely "bus" route figured [i refuses to call the buses here buses after riding the metro in :LA....] Also I start my bio class next week, i only pray that goes well!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Nails of the Week] 108 Degrees

I did ny nails eariler this week; used China Glaze 108 Degrees. I got this color with my ULTA order from a few weeks back. I didn't initially choose this color cause i already have a few pinks/reds/ polishes. But the names screamed "BUY ME" haha plus it kinda makes a Twilight reference and since I'm a fan of the wolves[ Team Jacob over here] I could not pass it up! My best friend laughed when I told her what it was called.... [[For those still confused on how it ties into the movie.... Jacob, the kids that turns into a wolf in New Moon, has a body temp of 108 degrees... hahha so yea]] But this color is really cute... its a red/pink mix with sparkles! I really like it!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life Update

How are all my followers doing?! I'm sure many of you had/have finals coming up... good luck to those of you that do! I'll be taking classes this summer so I can FINALLY get my degree.. this has been the most time consuming experience ever but surprisingly I still want to go to graduate school next year.

I'm still adjusting to life in Texas.... I just recently found out [3 months after moving ugh] that there are buses down here.... their small shuttle buses but it will get me to my internship and school. Only downside is they don't run after like 5:30 pm [that's very retarded but whatever...] and my bio class will get out at 9:00pm sooo we'll see what happens with that.

Currently I'm debating on whether or not to get a 2ns job. The place I'm working now I get about 35+ hours but once my classes start I'll be available fewer days and I still will have the same amount to pay for my lovely bills and the last thing I need right now is to get behind on payments because I'm trying to improve my credit [ and credit it what will help me get a car and my own apartment next year]. Its so frustrating when I look back and think of the things I could have done differently, but I know I can't dwell on those cause it will only prevent me from moving forward.

Besides what I already mentioned, things are going okay... I'm sure my best friend will tell you I complain about everything but I guess that's a part of adjusting to grown up life. Its always been hard for me to adapt to new or sudden change and its gets no more "new or sudden" than what I've gone through the last 4 months. But I know in the end its only making me stronger, so that's good =)

And with that I hope you all have a productive week!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My first ULTA order ♥

From reading blogs and watching countless YouTube videos I've learned about a few different products that are pretty popular. China Glaze and OPI are usually the top 2 nail polish brands I hear about and until now I never owned any! But i saw a coupon in a sunday paper for the ULTA.com and couldnt help buy check out the site and order some stuff. I got 3 China Glaze polishes and 2 NYX lipsticks

[l-r] Admire, 108 Degrees, Peachy Keen

I wore Peachy Keen first, but didn't take any pics of it.
Its a cute color... almost like a bright neon yellow-orange mix,
but not soo neon... if that even makes sense.

This week I'm wearing Admire; its a metallic purple- super cute

NYX lipstick #621- Milan  #603-tea

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Target Haul

Since its close to summer time that means it's time to bring out the sandals. A few weeks ago I ordered some cute sandals from Target.com. These will be just what I need when this Texas summer gets beyond hott!!

my aunt sent me these cute shoes for my birthday last month