Thursday, April 28, 2011

[ Nails of the week ]

Last weekend I was in the mall and stumbled across a little store that sold OPI polish! Lucky for me this store had the Shatter collection and the Texas collection! I picked up the Black Shatter and Guy Meets Gal-veston of the Texas collection. Its a cute pink shade... which is perfect as I actually lived in Galveston when i was a kid. I also picked up a Sally Hansen color I saw on but they were sold out. Soo glad Wal-mart had it!!
Black Shatter / Guy meets Gal-veston

Sally Hansen- Lacey Lilac

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For those that may remember, I mentioned a few months ago that I wanted to do a giveaway. My this weekend I should have all the details figured out and posted!!!! I'm excited, hope you girls are too!! Be on the lookout for a new post this week also!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Movies ♥

was looking around YouTube the other day and found some movie trailers for movies I'm excited to see. Anything with Justin Timberlake is usually good... and the always adorable Taylor Lautner has a new movie on the way [and its not a twilight movie] it actually looks pretty good!

... Abduction ...

... Friends with Benefits ...

... Bad Teacher ...

... Fast Five ... this comes out April 29!!!

any other movies coming out soon i should be on the look out for??

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me ♥

Hard to believe that I'm 25 today [ahhhhh] It's a little weird with my mom not being here. I didn't really do much this past weekend... Got my hair done Friday then had dinner with my dad & sisters and nieces/nephews on Friday.. Fam Reunion was Saturday [didn't get to go out Sat. night =( ] then on Sunday went to church and saw Scream 4 [which was really good!!!] I had a good time with my fam! As a birthday present to myself I ordered a new laptop [yay!!!] It has more memory than my other one, was much cheaper AND has a webcam! It should come sometime this week.. can't wait! Also I ordered season 5 of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the new Twilight Encyclopedia book from! And if you know me you would know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Will Smith and Twilight sooo I'm loving the gifts I got myself =)

i have seasons 1-4.. searched high and low for this!! And season 6 comes out tomorrow. i will be ordering it later in the week when Borders sends me a coupon lol

this inside of this book is freaking adorable!!! Tons of detailed drawings and info on each and every character of the series... its a must have for every Twilight fan!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recent Shopping Trip... [pic heavy]

There is nothing like a little retail therapy to make any girl feel better! Earlier this week and about 2 weeks ago I did a little shopping... got things that I needed [ church dresses, bathing suit] and some cute summer clothes and accessories ...

... clothes ...
blue and white/cream strip dress.. its almost like a
zebra print pattern [which i LOVE]
this dress is knee length but you can't really tell from this picture

A cute and simple button up white shirt

this is a stripped tank; lime green -n- grey

wine color dress... perfect for church

zebra wallet ♥ I could not
pass this baby up when I saw it at walmart

floral print tank- Target

zebra print swimsuit [AHHHHH =)]
its a cute olive color 

This is the first maxi dress I've ever owned (a little shocking I know)
cute short-shorts. didn't realize it until my sister-n-law
pointed it out but these shorts match the floral tank

 ... make-up ...
The green palette is the first wet-n-wild eye shadow I've used.
I LOVE these Revlon creme palettes

... Accessories...
the flowers are teal color I found a ring in the same color

I LOVE silver jewelry and roses soo this
was the perfect combo

 found this at Kohl's; wore it when I
went to a 'tea' event at church

matches the above earrings

these rings came as a set

so that's the result of a few shopping ventures I've made in the last month... no more until like June or July! LOL

Sally Hansen Salon Effects ♥

Way back in December I purchased the  Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips! If y'all don't know what this is I'll explain. Its basically strips of nail polish that you put on your nails to achieve a funky look without spending $40 at a nail salon! The day we got these in I bought a pack. I've listed my pros and cons to this product and some pictures. I used the #360 "Laced Up" set

... I LIKE ...
-the funky styles of the polish strips are super cute and different than your everyday polish
-i don't have to layer 2 and 3 coats of polish!
-not too expensive: at CVS its $10, [since moving I've noticed Wal-Mart has them for less!!]

... I DON'T LIKE ...
-not all the strips fit my nails
-some of the polish strips make little dents. not noticeable to others,
-you only get 16 polish strips so you can really only use the one box once =(

*I used these strips on fake nails so they may have fit better on my natural nails...

Have any of you tried these nail strips? I think about brand makes them too but i don't remember which brand.....

Past "Nails of theWeek"

I've been super slacking on my blogging BUT that doesn't mean I've been slacking on my beauty routines ;-) Over the last few months I've been trying out various nail designs and color combos. Below are some of the ways I wore my nails

Revlon- Black Lingerie
Wet & Wild- Sparkled

 Sally Hansen- #16; Blue It
Mary Kay- Platinum

CoverGirl- top coat; City Lights [#430]
for this i had on fake nails but with 2 coats it came out really nice

101 in 1001 days- months 15,16 & 17

Haven't updated this in a while... but i've been able to complete some things on my list

Completed: 63, 64, 65, 68, 84,93
in progress: # 6,

[red writing = in progress]
[ strike through = completed]
[green writing  = these are items I've decided NOT to complete]]

Start Date: August 17, 2009
End Date: May 14, 2012

1. Visit NYC
2. Visit Miami
3. Get a 3.0 or higher GPA during a semester of undergrad [Fall '09 got a 3.019.. shooting for a 4.0 in spring]
4. Get drivers license
5. Get a VW bug [red.. or pink. i recently saw a pink one and fell in love]
6. Lose 30 pounds [15/30] starting weight 180; my goal weight is 150...
7. Learn sign language
8. Learn to play a guitar
9. Get Bachelor’s degree in CDFS & FLE 
10. Take the GRE exam [the school i plan to attend does not require the GRE =)]
11. Enter graduate school
12. Visit Hawaii
13. Get Child Development Permit
14. Get FLE certificate
5. Go skiing/ snowboarding
16. Take hip-hop dance class
17. Take ballet dance class
18. Take jazz dance class
19. Take Pilates/yoga class
20. Be able to do the splits after all these dance classes
21. Go back to school and get certificate in dance from a Community college
22. Get angel wings tattoo .... *and a chinese lilly.. and a quote tat =)
23. Get braces
24. Attend a Hollywood red carpet movie premiere
25. Pay off my credit cards [3/6]
26. Go to a taping of The Price Is Right
27. Read the bible, beginning to end
28. Read 15 (non-school related) books I haven’t read before [4/15] (1) Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, (2) If I Stay by Gayle Foreman (3) Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella (4) Act like a lady, Think like a man by Steve Harvey
29. Get a passport
30. Travel to Canada
31. Travel to a different continent
32. Go camping [trees, tent, wood fire and all]
33. Learn to play the keyboard/piano
34. Learn to play a popular song [new or old] on the keyboard/piano
35. Dye (burgundy highlights in) my hair
36. Go two weeks without drinking soda [25/14] 
37. Go one week without eating candy/sugary snacks
38. Attend 5 different concerts/tours [6/5 -9.3.09 100Monkeys @ The Joint/ 9.23.09 Britney Spears!! / 10.17.09 Justin Timberlake Benefit concert in VEGAS! 09.11.10- Trey Songz ♥ 11.18.10- Usher's OMG tour]
39. Take a self-defense/ kick boxing class
40. Buy seasons 2, 3, & 4 of Prison Break ...
41. Have a One Tree Hill or The OC DVD watching marathon
42. Re-read the Twilight series [0/4]
43. Buy a Coach purse
44. Go to Las Vegas [10.17.09 it was fun!!]
45. Get my own apartment
46. Attend an Award show
47. Make a home cooked meal
48. Attend a TV sitcom or game show taping
49. Attend another Talk show taping
50. Wear a celeb-inspired outfit
51. Go one week without Facebook/MySpace/twitter... 
52. Host a ‘themed’ party
53. Buy a pair of William-Rast jeans
54. Take Spanish level 2 class
55. Visit Cancun
56. Attend a live comedy show
57. Buy a FLiP Video and put it to good use!
58. Post a video blog on YouTube about one of my goals on this list []
59. Don’t go clothes/shoes/accessories shopping for a month
60. Get a dog
61. Bake a dessert from a cookbook
62. Become involved in a committed relationship
63. Sort through old clothes/shoes- donate what I no longer wear
64. Buy a pair of black heels and wear them!
65. Attend a wedding 
66. Delete my MySpace profile.
67. Go one week eating NO MEAT
68. Go to the gym 3 times a week for one month
69. Go jet-skiing/water-skiing [learn how]
70. See a new movie every weekend in one month
71. Completely clean my room; throw away anything I don’t need! [this will be on going]
72. Throw someone a surprise party [it wasnt a HUGE party... but it was BFF kim's B-day & she was surprised!]
73. Read 5 books that have been turned into movies; either before or after movies has been released—not including Twilight Series [1/5] - (1)Dear John, (2)
74. Send a postcard to someone from a place I am visiting/have traveled to
75. Go to Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop in New Jersey[from the show Cake Boss]
76. Go to Orlando, Fl/ go to Disney World
77. Get a massage at a spa
78. Read a Shakespeare novel ...
79. Visit 5 different cities in California [not within LA County area [1/5- Stanislaus(11.7.09)-]
80. Go to Atlanta
81. Buy myself a jewelry item with (a) diamond(s) on it.
82. Get hair cut into a stylish short ‘do
83. Move out of ‘south’ Los Angeles
84. Re-new gym membership [in 2010] 
85. No watching TV for one week 
86. Go to 5 restaurants I’ve never been to before [5/5-- Benihana's 8.29.09/ Yard House 9.1.09/ 9.13.09 Pastagina in Irvine. yummy pasta!! / 10.3.09 Frisco's / 5.10 Natalee's ]
87. Try a new make-up style/technique
88. Get 8 hours of sleep each night for one week
89. Finish 2 term papers at least one week *before* their due!
90. Go to Forks, WA
91. Take belly dancing class
92. Go on a boat ride
93. Buy a “little black dress” and rock it! =)
94. Stick with one phone for entire 2 year contact!
95. Get a physical every 6 months [1/5]
96. Walk in the Avon Breast Cancer walk/run**
97. Learn to swim
98. Help my sorority chapter receive the highest honor/award in the organization
99. Take a pottery/clay molding class
100. Get a full time (or part time) job at a child-care center.. or in the Fam. Life Educator field
101. Visit Washington, DC/ Walk pass the White house!
102. Take photos and keep journal/ scrapbook of the completed things on this list
103. Make a new list of 101 things to do!