Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me ♥

Hard to believe that I'm 25 today [ahhhhh] It's a little weird with my mom not being here. I didn't really do much this past weekend... Got my hair done Friday then had dinner with my dad & sisters and nieces/nephews on Friday.. Fam Reunion was Saturday [didn't get to go out Sat. night =( ] then on Sunday went to church and saw Scream 4 [which was really good!!!] I had a good time with my fam! As a birthday present to myself I ordered a new laptop [yay!!!] It has more memory than my other one, was much cheaper AND has a webcam! It should come sometime this week.. can't wait! Also I ordered season 5 of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the new Twilight Encyclopedia book from! And if you know me you would know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Will Smith and Twilight sooo I'm loving the gifts I got myself =)

i have seasons 1-4.. searched high and low for this!! And season 6 comes out tomorrow. i will be ordering it later in the week when Borders sends me a coupon lol

this inside of this book is freaking adorable!!! Tons of detailed drawings and info on each and every character of the series... its a must have for every Twilight fan!

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  1. Happy 25th girl!!! Hope you enjoyed your day.

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