Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recent Shopping Trip... [pic heavy]

There is nothing like a little retail therapy to make any girl feel better! Earlier this week and about 2 weeks ago I did a little shopping... got things that I needed [ church dresses, bathing suit] and some cute summer clothes and accessories ...

... clothes ...
blue and white/cream strip dress.. its almost like a
zebra print pattern [which i LOVE]
this dress is knee length but you can't really tell from this picture

A cute and simple button up white shirt

this is a stripped tank; lime green -n- grey

wine color dress... perfect for church

zebra wallet ♥ I could not
pass this baby up when I saw it at walmart

floral print tank- Target

zebra print swimsuit [AHHHHH =)]
its a cute olive color 

This is the first maxi dress I've ever owned (a little shocking I know)
cute short-shorts. didn't realize it until my sister-n-law
pointed it out but these shorts match the floral tank

 ... make-up ...
The green palette is the first wet-n-wild eye shadow I've used.
I LOVE these Revlon creme palettes

... Accessories...
the flowers are teal color I found a ring in the same color

I LOVE silver jewelry and roses soo this
was the perfect combo

 found this at Kohl's; wore it when I
went to a 'tea' event at church

matches the above earrings

these rings came as a set

so that's the result of a few shopping ventures I've made in the last month... no more until like June or July! LOL

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