Thursday, December 30, 2010

holiday nails

Here is how I painted my nails last week to get a little more into the holiday spirit, and to make myself feel better despite all that's been going on lately. I don't really celebrate Christmas. Not because of any religious belief but because I feel its a huge contradiction. Everyone says Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ , yet the main focus is giving gift and making sure you give the best one to people. Now don't get me wrong, I have participated in work and sorority gift exchanges in the past. And my family did go all out up until I was 14. But after that I lost interest in the whole thing. I did get some things for my 2year-old niece because her parents choose  to celebrate for her and since I was not able to get her much for he b-day this was a substitute. So yea, my holiday basically consisted of me going to work [yes my job was open Dec 25th] and its was CRAZY busy =(  So enough of my babbling... here are my nails

polish used:
Sally Hansen - Cherry Red
Sally Hansen - Emerald City

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nails of the Week

A few weeks back I bought this polish from work. Its more of a bright, summer color BUT I'm not a big of all dark polish colors; even though dark polish is in style this season.

Sally Henson -- Nailgrowth Miracle -- Gentle Blossom

William Rast is now at Target

It's no surprise to anyone that I LOVE Justin Timberlake. So as a fan I support all he does: acting, singing and of course his clothing line! When this line first came out a few years back I could not afford any of it and refused to fork up $300+ for one article of clothing!! Thank God he put a line at target! I can afford target AND I have a target needless to say I now own some William Rast clothes... just waiting for them to come in the mail!! =) Here is a sample of the line.

I ordered the women's plaid shirt and the grey tank [you can kinda see it on the model]

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Quote i now LOVE

"happiness is a mood not a destination"- Brooke Davis, one tree hill

I heard this on an episode of One Tree Hill a few weeks back and really started to think about it. Its completely true! I think a lot of the time people [myself included] think/feel that "happiness" comes when we get things we want or go places we want to go. But true happiness should be when we're content with out current situation. We all go through hard times, some more than others, but there is always someone worse off then ourselves then probably would love to switch positions. I know i complain alot when things dont go right, or my way.. but its not until i start talking to others that i relalize that my life aint too bad.... not perfect but it could deff be worse! Like recently I  had issues with my school and i had/have to pay close to $2600 for 2 classes/semesters before i get my diploma. For the lonnnggest time i griped, complained and moaned about how unfair it was for them to mislead me or to make me pay so much. But then one of my former co-workers told me how he was to pay full tuition at the school he goes to. I know people who have had to take out tens of thousands of dollars just to get through school because they didn't qualify for financial aid. Sooo long story short, my plan for the rest of this year, 2011, 2012 and so on is to not complain as much because others in this crazy world have a harder time than me. So that just my lil random thoughts on that... =) I truly hope that all of you reading this have a fun and safe week/Christmas/Kwanzaa/ whatever you choose to celebrate [or not celebrate]. xoxo.

new music that i NEED

The last album I got was Trey Songz latest mixtape... but the last album I purchased [cause the mixtape was FREE] was Taylor Swift... back in October.. now we're less than 2 weeks from a brand new year and its time I get some new music!

Ne-Yo -- Libra Scale
Jazmine Sullivan -- Love me Back
Rihanna -- Loud
Mariah Carey xmas2 -- Merry Christmas 2 You [yes i know christmas is almost here and it'll be long gone by the time i get this album, BUT i love MC!]
Eminem -- Recovery
T.I. -- No Mercy

Any other good music I should listen to? I usually listen to just about anything! =)

*image is from google search

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stress =(

Hi girls! Just a quick update... I know I haven't actually blogged in FOREVER! sorry. I have my last final [ever] this Friday so I'm studying all week, and my mom is back in the hospital due to a negative reaction to some medicine one of her [stupid] doctors gave her. I'll try to start posting again next week, but I wont make that a promise just yet! Hope you all enjoy your winter break; good luck with finals!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Queenie Keisha's Giveaway

Keisha at QueenieKeisha is having a giveaway for reaching 20+ followers! She's giving away a lot of cool items [picture below...] Her rules are fairly simple... you must be a follower, must be 18 or older, must live in the USA, etc. Check out her blog for all the details. I just recently discovered her blog, but I like the tips and reviews she gives! Also, her giveaway ends DEC 15th  at 12midnight EST [east coast time...]

Glam Morena's Giveaway

Rai over at Glam Morena is having a giveaway for her 2nd year blogging anniversary! The prizes she is giving away includes: a Too Faced Walk of Shame kit; Napoleon 15th anniversary lip palette; NARS mini lip gloss; Too Faced mini mascara; Smashbox Heartbreaker eyeshadow palette. Her contest is open internationally AND you must follow her blog! There are a few other specific rules you have to follow to successfully enter, so go check out her blog; it ends DEC 23rd at 11:59pm CST [that's central time zone... 2hours ahead of west coast & 1 hour behind east coast!] Good luck ladies!!

"So Many Words, So Little Time" giveaway =)

So Danielle at So Many Words, So Little Time is hosting her own giveaway. Check out her blog for all the full details [and because her blog is really cool] , but she is giving away a giftcard worth $35!! Good luck!! Also her contest ends DEC. 14th!!

[this is NOT the item Danielle is giving away... just an items from! ]

Friday, December 3, 2010

Vivacious Ro's Giveaway

Ronesha over is having a giveaway. If you ladies are unfamiliar with her site... go check it out NOW! I love her blog, always filled with good posts! Below is a photo of some of the items she will be giving away! Her contest ends DEC. 19th!!