Friday, August 28, 2009

the hair blues are no more!

In proper prep for "back-to-school" i did a little clothes shopping... not too much. Sadly i've gained weight this past year and REFUSE to buy bigger size jeans since i know i'm gonna work the weight off in the next 3 months [i'm taking a hip-hop dance class AND aerobics]. So i got a few shirts from Forever 21 [Y] and a few cute hair accessories. which bring me to the topic of this posting.... it may seem vein or unneccessary.. but darn it! its important to me!!

my lovely hair has been a mess the last 4 weeks! i had it all braided up for a good 2 months until i realzied how tender-headed i am! [its paintfully tender]. then after 4 weeks for head bands and cute lil hats [like the ones below] that hide "bad hair days" they are no longer necessary.. until another bad hair day its or it gets cold.

*totally un-hair related... but fashion related*
While i was looking around at diff website for cute new items. I think it looks cute together.. not too much pink, right? I had considered wearing this top to the Britey Spears concert next month.. kinda has a 'circus' theme since it has strips, no? But I settled on making my own shirt... pics will be posted closer to date of concert.

And these sunglasses from Pastys are tooo cute! and so appropriate for right now because its extremely hott and sunny in the Los Angeles area due to all these crazy fires!

** once my hair is all done up and looking cute i may post some pics... you'd be surprised the magic a pressing comb can do! **

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer's End

I've been kinda MIA from this blog.. not much has been going on. Trying to relax and prepare myself for one of my last 2 [or 3] semesters of college!! Can't believe i'm finally *almost* done. My summer class went well, got a B so no complaints here. Hopefully I will be able to update this blog more frequently once school gets back in session; I will have a LOT going on [classes, work, sorority, everything else]. So yea.. and i will definitely keep you [who ever is reading this....] posted on my 101 list... havent completed anything yet =( Could have had the TV taping done... but the lovely studio called too many people to come in and my group didnt get seating! =( oh well... next time will be different!

** and for the sake of adding pictures **

[if you have not seen the show[Criminal Minds- check it out! i just recently started watching it and i'm glad A&E airs re-run. i LOVE crime shows and this one is my new fav... right behind CSI Miami]

Sunday, August 16, 2009

101 things to accomplish in 1001 days

*update 9.4.09*
Okay, so a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this website [ Day Zero Project ] and it challenges people to create a list of 101 things they want to accomplish within 1001 days [yes, one thousand and one]. After a lot of thinking and finally completed my list, and even went a little beyong 101 things! It seems like a fun type of challenge thats motivating me [or any individual] to get certain goals accomplished! I hope I can kick procrastination to the curb and ful-fill eveything in this list!

**I may add new things to the list as I realize new things i want to do. I will also post pics of various tasks when they are completed

[red writing = in progress]
[ strike through = completed]

Start Date: August 17, 2009
End Date: May 14, 2012

101 things to do in 1001 days!
1. Visit NYC
2. Visit Miami
3. Get a 3.0 or higher GPA during a semester of undergrad
4. Get drivers license
5. Get a VW bug [red]
6. Lose 30 pounds [0/30]
7. Learn sign language
8. Learn to play a guitar
9. Get Bachelor’s degree in CDFS & FLE [may 26, 2010]
10. Take the GRE exam
11. Enter graduate school
12. Visit Hawaii
13. Get Child Development Permit
14. Get FLE certificate
15. Go skiing/ snowboarding
16. Take hip-hop dance class [class starts 8.31.09]
17. Take ballet dance class
18. Take jazz dance class
19. Take Pilates/yoga class
20. Be able to do the splits after all these dance classes
21. Go back to school and get certificate in dance from a Community college
22. Get angel wings tattoo
23. Get braces
24. Attend a Hollywood red carpet movie premiere
25. Pay off my credit cards [0/6]
26. Go to a taping of The Price Is Right
27. Read the bible, beginning to end
28. Read 15 (non-school related) books I haven’t read before [0/15]
29. Get a passport
30. Travel to Canada
31. Travel to a different continent
32. Go camping [trees, tent, wood fire and all]
33. Learn to play the keyboard/piano
34. Learn to play a popular song [new or old] on the keyboard/piano
35. Dye burgundy highlights in my hair
36. Go two weeks without drinking soda [11/14]
37. Go one week without eating candy/sugary snacks [ex. chocolate, sugary/fruity candy, hostess cakes, etc]
38. Attend 5 different concerts/tours [1/5 -9.3.09 100Monkeys @ The Joint]
39. Take a self-defense/ kick boxing class
40. Buy seasons 2, 3, & 4 of Prison Break
41. Have a One Tree Hill or The OC DVD watching marathon
42. Re-read the Twilight series [0/4]
43. Buy a Coach purse
44. Go to Las Vegas
45. Get my own apartment
46. Attend an Award show
47. Make a home cooked meal [non pre-made store bought meal]
48. Attend a TV sitcom or game show taping
49. Attend another Talk show taping [already went to a Tyra Banks Show taping]
50. Wear a celeb-inspired outfit [head-to-toe]
51. Go one week without Facebook/MySpace/twitter/ other ‘social networking’ sites
52. Host a ‘themed’ party
53. Buy a pair of William-Rast jeans
54. Take Spanish level 2 class
55. Visit Cancun [not during spring break]
56. Attend a live comedy show
57. Buy a FLiP Video and put it to good use!
58. Post a video blog on YouTube about one of my goals on this list
59. Don’t go clothes/shoes/accessories shopping for a month
60. Get a dog
61. Bake a dessert from a cookbook
62. Become involved in a committed relationship
63. Sort through old clothes/shoes- donate what I no longer wear
64. Buy a pair of black heels and wear them! [Not too high, I don’t wear heels now but I will need to get better acquainted with them by the time these 1001 days are over!]
65. Attend a wedding
66. Delete my MySpace profile. (I get the feeling MySpace may be extinct by 2012; if not my page will!)
67. Go one week eating NO MEAT!
68. Go to the gym 3 times a week for one month [0/12days]
69. Go jet-skiing/water-skiing [learn how]
70. See a new movie every weekend in one month [0/4 weekends or 0/5 weekends]
71. Completely clean my room; throw away anything I don’t need!
72. Throw someone a surprise party
73. Read 5 books that have been turned into movies; either before or after movies has been released—not including Twilight Series [0/5]
74. Send a postcard to someone from I place I am visiting/have traveled to
75. Go to Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop in New Jersey[from the show Cake Boss]
76. Go to Orlando, Fl/ go to Disney World
77. Get a massage at a spa
78. Read a Shakespeare novel
79. Visit 5 different cities in California [not within LA County area]
80. Go Atlanta
81. Buy myself a jewelry item with (a) diamond(s) on it.
82. Get hair cut into a stylish short ‘do
83. Move out of ‘south’ Los Angeles
84. Re-new gym membership [in 2010]
85. No watching TV for one week [does not include news or DVDs]
86. Go to 5 restaurants I’ve never been to before [2/5-- Benihana's 8.29.09/ Yard House 9.1.09]
87. Try a new make-up style/technique [eye shadow color/ specific ‘look’]
88. Get 8 hours of sleep each night for one week
89. Finish 2 term papers at least one week *before* their due! [0/2]
90. Go to Forks, WA [just to see if it’s really like the books…]
91. Take belly dancing class
92. Go on a boat ride
93. Buy a “little black dress” and rock it! =)
94. Stick with one phone for entire 2 year contact! [current phone ‘expires’ Oct. 2010]
95. Get a physical every 6 months [0/5]
96. Walk in the Avon Breast Cancer walk/run
97. Learn to swim
98. Help my sorority chapter receive the highest honor/award in the organization
99. Take a pottery/clay molding class
100. Get a full time job at a child-care center
101. Visit Washington, DC/ Walk past the White house!
102. Take photos and keep journal/ scrapbook of the completed things on this list
103. Make a new list of 101 things to do!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back in the day... 8.14.1999

Okay so I'm taking a short break from cleaning and preparing for my sorority event to reminisce on my teen years! Exactly 10 years ago today... [is it sad that I've kinda kept track on this knowledge?] I went to my very first concert!

It was an *Nsync concert... I was so in love with the was crazy! Its wierd when I think back on those days when I into *Nsync and Backstreet Boys [yes, I liked both groups]. I spent sooo much money on posters and magazines it's a shame. Sadly these guys arent really a group anymore, but I'm still holding on to the fact that they will take a hint from NKOTB and BsB and reunite for just one more tour, one is all I ask for! Well below is one of their videos that I absolutely loved way back when. Enjoy!

random happenings this week

Haven't posted since Monday.. oops.... well not much has gone on this week, well maybe a little bit of stuff. Got releved of Jury Duty; lawyers dropped the case, so much my CSI-type moment. But it worked out fine since I finished my summer class today. Had the wierdest/funniest final ever. It was open book [which is good] but if you didnt have a book you could share with someone! Sooo there were like 3 small groups taking the final together!!! Hilarious! people had music blasting and having side-convos. The techer didnt care. LoL

Didn't realize until eariler the difficulty of cleaning an entire house! =( i'm preparing for a little chapter 'retreat' with my sorority sisters and we're using my place. Me and my mom are pack-rats... this is sad. I have found many things that need to be disposed of ASAP!!!

*Highly Anticipated Movie*
Nope i'm not refering to New Moon... at least not this time. I finally saw the trailer for the newest Tyler Perry movie "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" I watched the play years ago, thought it was funnie, glad its being turned into a movie. Taraji Henson is a really good actress! AND my favorite Puerto Rican is in it; Adam Rodriguez [actor-CSI Miami].

[YaY me, i figured out how to post the actual video onto the blog, only after an hour!]
So thats all for today... another posting tomorrow for sure!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Daily Thoughts

So day #2.. or 3 of blogging... Me and my buddie Kim [hey chica] decided to make a blog together.. about TWiLiGHT. mainly because we're both hooked on the book series, and the movie, and the cast! So check it out! [ ] =)

AHH why is Jury Duty such a .... idk what it is.. but I went through it today and its mainly a lot of back & foward "go here, wait there, line up here" lol. But as strange as it sounds I wouldnt mind sitting through a case... just as long as it doesnt interfer with school. So we'll see how tomorrow's session pans out.

TEEN Choice Awards: I kinda felt wierd watching it... mainly because I'm no longer a teen [that went out the window, oh.. 4 yrs ago?] and I barely knew who half those kids [young celebs] were! I remember the TCA days when Nsync BsB, and Britney took over it all! Good times those were. Glad Britney got the Ultimate Choice award! but has J.Timberlake[ Y] gotten it already?!?! If not than I take back my Brit comment.... LoL I am, however, a little disappointed that some of my votes [yes, I changed my age in order to vote... ] didnt stand a chance!

What ever award Channing Tatum was nominated for [i only remeber he was up against RPattz] he should have gotten! but of course 11yr old girls dont understand that much hottness... after looking at the show I realized that this whole Disney Movement thats been going on... is the same as it was 10 years ago: many of the hott celebs came from a Disney background [Mickey Mouse Club]. its funnie to see history repeating it self- sorta.... oh and of course I'm glad Twilight swept up all those awards!!! love that movie!!

Okay, thats all my babbling for one day....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

blogging Day 1

Sooo this is my first day blogging, sorta.. I used Xanga like 4 years ago [?] but deleted it.. lets see how this goes. I can be super random at times, so be prepared for a little bit of random-ness from time to time. =]

[about me]
- I'm in college [csulb]
- im graduating May 26, 2010 [the countdown has begun]
- kinda addicted to chocolate
- i LOVE music [all kinds]
- love watching movies
- i love to learn new stuf
- im still trying to figure myself out [thats the process of growing up]
- theres sooooo much in this world i want to do, and i hope i get the opportunity to do them!
- like i said before im kinda random =]
- when i find something i really like or love i get really [PASSIONATE] about it... and it'll be express!

and thats all for now.. more to come later =]