Friday, August 28, 2009

the hair blues are no more!

In proper prep for "back-to-school" i did a little clothes shopping... not too much. Sadly i've gained weight this past year and REFUSE to buy bigger size jeans since i know i'm gonna work the weight off in the next 3 months [i'm taking a hip-hop dance class AND aerobics]. So i got a few shirts from Forever 21 [Y] and a few cute hair accessories. which bring me to the topic of this posting.... it may seem vein or unneccessary.. but darn it! its important to me!!

my lovely hair has been a mess the last 4 weeks! i had it all braided up for a good 2 months until i realzied how tender-headed i am! [its paintfully tender]. then after 4 weeks for head bands and cute lil hats [like the ones below] that hide "bad hair days" they are no longer necessary.. until another bad hair day its or it gets cold.

*totally un-hair related... but fashion related*
While i was looking around at diff website for cute new items. I think it looks cute together.. not too much pink, right? I had considered wearing this top to the Britey Spears concert next month.. kinda has a 'circus' theme since it has strips, no? But I settled on making my own shirt... pics will be posted closer to date of concert.

And these sunglasses from Pastys are tooo cute! and so appropriate for right now because its extremely hott and sunny in the Los Angeles area due to all these crazy fires!

** once my hair is all done up and looking cute i may post some pics... you'd be surprised the magic a pressing comb can do! **

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