Saturday, September 5, 2009

happy labor day weekend!

So school just started which the last holiday of summer has arrived... Labor Day!!! Lucky for me that also means not school or work.. for 5 DAYS!!! It would of have been 4, but due to furlough days that are caused by the horrible CA budget we get Tuesday off from school too! But the weekend got off to a good start. Me and my Twi BFF went to the 100 Monkeys concert here in LA. Sadl we didnt only go because its the band Jackson Rathbone plays in. I'm not totally into rock music, some i do actually listen to, but this show wasnt too bad. We were a little upset Jackson wasnt there, but we understand hes kinda obligated by this little film called Eclipse, maybe you've heard of it?!

Even more exciting than that.... i just read a few hours ago that BET is sponsering a tour that will consist of Trey Songz Y, Day26 Y, Mario and a few others. I'm excited about this because I really love Trey Songz!! Not because he's hott but beacuse he can sing really really well! i'm been listening to his music since he came out iin 2005!!! So props to Trey to making good music over the last 4 years!!
[the guy on the left is Trey for those of u unfamiliar with him]

But moving on from music... to movies... i feel super bad about this... i just found out that a movie hit theaters last week starring my ultimate fav celeb----> Justin Timberlake. Apparently this movie he did called 'The Open Road' came out and i had NO idea! =( ooooh im so heartbroken by this! I do plan on seeing this movie soon though! music support my JT- always & forever [which is why i plan on driving to Vegas just for his benefit concert!]

** So to everyone: Have fun, be safe, share time with friends & fam!!! =)

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