Monday, September 14, 2009

the VMAs

So i think i've watched the MTV Video Awards every year since i was like 12, with the exceptional few yrs i didnt have cable. And as usual, this year's show was no less crazy & controversal. Well maybe a little more controversal? I mean some of the events that took place this past Sunday definitley out-did Britney's strip-tease/nude-colored out fit from 1999 or that one year Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey [both pre-meltdown] presented in the same dress and ripped pieces off to see who could look better [that was the VMAs right?]..

Either way.. there wasnt much that could prepare anyone for what Kayne pulled!! I know there's our 1st admendment right- Freedom of Speech, but WTF happened to RESPECT!!! Like seriously! We all know how big B's video was.. she had EVERYONE doing that dance!! but was it really necesary for him to interrupt Taylor Swift... i felt sooo bad for her [just like everyone else that watched]. But what i think is even sadder was what the news had to say! My fav news station- KTLA [allll day] interviewed a few people at LAX [idk why, but whatev] about their thoughts of Kayne's lil outburst. literally 99% of the 10 or so ppl they showed were upset and mad at KW.. all except one dude... he didnt exactly disappove of what KW did, but he didnt agree either... was babbled something to the tune of 'that's how kayne is and although he shouldnt have gone about it that way, we're intitled to our opinions' WTF! Ummmm yes we're intitled to our opinions but was that not crossing some line?! It's hard to say if the same lil scene would went down had someone else won for Female Pop Vid or if it had beem a diff category.. Do you think he would've done that had he still been there when he lost for best rap video/artist? hmmm yea i believe a full out browl woulda broke out... but yea its been 24 hrs and its still a WHOA moment to me... but moving on to the wierd....

.. Lady GaGa
Okay, I love this girl's CD... "papparazzi" is probably my fav song.. but I never knew much about her. So idk if her VMA performance is how she usually is but WTF! The outfits.. I really dnt understand. Kermit the Frog as ur date? Changing outfits like 5 times! Really... what's going on with her, someone please explain. AND her performance of my fav song of her's.... I just don't know.... from the concert and then the blood? I'm assuming the guy she's singing about "I'm your biggsest fan I'll follow you until you love me..." doesn't feel the same? Or rather than kill him (like she did for the video) she offs herself??.. it just seem weird... and I won't even discuss those crazy outfits she put on.....

So other than the few singers I really wanted to see, the New Moon trailor is what really drug me in. MTV is definitly playing off the Twilight hype to get ratings! I'm guessing they finally realize their not the same w/o TRL... but that's beside the point. :) I'm a huge Twilight Saga fan... I'm Team Jacob all the way!!! I was a little sad that i'd already seen the trailor though.... it was shown before Sorority Row.BUT a few clips (10 secs worth) were new. Thus far from the 5 (?) different trailors that have been released, they r keeping true to the book on many key parts. Pretty much anythng that involves that wolf pack I'm all smiles :) haha. This movie is gonna have it all- heartache, a love triangle, action, fighting... I really don't thnk I've been this excited about a movie that didn't involve Will Smith. LoL. So if you're among the 10% of the population that have no clue what New Moon is.. shame on you! Go to OR

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