Thursday, September 30, 2010

Make-Up Reviews

 Lately I've been laying low on buying a lot of makeup for various reasons. But i had a coupon for close to 50% off Revlon and this purchase caused me to get another coupon =) But I only got a few things so I figured I would do a review on the items I purchased.

Revlon Double Twist Mascara- black
I bought this particular mascara because it was on sale and I had coupons. With that said; this was the worst thing I could have bought!!! The brush was cute, but once the brush hit the little tube of mascara it was cute no more! The brush looks all gloppy when I pulled it out... I'm assuming because the mascara is too thick?! I've only used 2 other mascaras before; one (Maybelline Falsies) that I LOVE and one (Rimmel London) that is decent enough for me to continue to use, I think I will stick to the brand that works well for me! **Don't buy this mascara unless you like the "cake frosting mascara" look...

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow- Wild Orchids
I have another set of Revlon Creme Shadows... don't use it often since the colors are bold. The Wild Orchids set it more of a neutral tone. The colors are soft and seem like any one of the colors can go with just about anything you wear-- which I like! I wore two of the colors today [the ones on each end...]

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze- Eternal Blossom
I originally wanted to Coral Color Lipglaze but it looked tampered with.... didn't want to risk using it if [God forbid] someone else used it as a tester.... This gloss is a little thick so I didn't need to apply much. the color doesn't stand out too much, which is okay. It blends in well with my complexion


Maybelline Eye Studio Color Pearls- Ivy Icon

This may seem a little bias, but I LOVE Maybelline Color Pearls. The colors are just basic with the bit of glam/glimmer added... if that makes sense. This color showed up well on my complexion. Haven't tried it on my eyes yet... soon I will.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Pearls- Tantalizing Teal
Same as the previous description-- this color is kinda light, but still shows up well on my complexion. I have not tried this color on my eyes yet.. in the coming days i will =)

** Also, yesterday after work I bought a pack of 60 eye shadow brushes for $5 (from CVS) !! I figured this would be cheaper than trying to buy bigger brushes every other month.

Musically Gifted... ♥

Apparenty as I studied yesterday JT was on Jimmy Fallon. Saw this clip from Twitter and wanted to share because ..well I ♥ this dude! Thats it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a small piece of [My Life]

I know I blog about fashion/make-up looks I like, celebs I love, movies and TV shows. Only occasionally do I blog about person thing I go through. and I can't recall a time where I've given you all a actual 'glimpse' into my life. So I've decided, from time to time I'll post meaningful/random pictures of things in my life that hold some kind of meaning to them. And to kick things off, this first picture involves 2 things I love a lot-- music & movies.... This is my [growing] movie/music collection. I don't usually buy CDs anymore-- get those straight off iTunes

my "TV on DVD" collection (not pictured is season 1 of CSI miami
and One Tree Hill season 1,.... which is currently MISSING!! =(

the top 2 shelves are CDs,
I have old & new stuff [*nsync to TI]the bottom 3, DVD [old school Chipmunks and Child's play to the Saw series]

[... Changes ...]

I'm slowing making small changes to the blog.... nothing drastic... If you girls have suggestions for posts you'd like to see let me know!

Here's a Trey video to hold you  til my next post.... LOVE this song

[... Nails of the Week ...]

Haven't updated my NOTW in a while. This is the color(s) I recently polished my nails. Kinda simple. I had no polish for a while because I had a job interview. What do you girls think of the color combo?

polish used:
Platinum- Mary Kay [can be ordered at only]
Plum Seduction- Revlon

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you Twitter followin...

Im a weak as person sometimes.... I got back on Twitter... mainly to feed into my Trey Songz fix... lmao.. I been a fan of that dude since '05.. but with his concert last week and new album i'm hooked all over again.. So if you added my old twitter or if you're a new blog following [THANK YOU & WELCOME] add my new twitter... let me know you came from my blog and i will follow back!!!

that's a link above... so click away!! =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just friends? ... is it really possible?

Maybe its just me, maybe I'm just totally trippin out on this... but I no longer think males and females can be "just friends".... OR maybe in the case that the male and female have previously dated.... I think I mentioned in a post weeks back that I saw one of my exes from years ago. My initial reaction was "Okay, cool. We'll be like friends or whatever" .... that has not been the case one bit. From the jump, he made it kinda clear he wanted the "friends with benefits" package... I usually dont do friends w/ benefits, but considered it... We talked about it.. But then he got worried about things getting wierd between us..... (-_-) and I feel since this convo things HAVE been wierd. My best friend thinks that he changed his mind due to being scared of catching feelings; yet he expressed that he thought I would be the one trying to get all attached.

At this point I just want to scratch the whole "friends with benefits" thing and try to be just friends but i really dont foresee it happening (us being just friends as if the previous convo never happened).... So, I ask, have any of you girls had a situation like this? Any suggestions?!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

VMAs 2010 [**pic heavy**]

.... ::YAWN:::

Yea, I was kinda bored watching it. The performances were okay, but not one was I excited to see about, well maybe Eminem. His was nice. Glad Rihanna came out so they could do their duet. Wasn't really into T. Swift's performance..... not familiar with her new song. Gaga looked like a damn fool as usual. I understand people love her because she's "sooo creative" but at this point I feel its all for show.

Highlights of the show
  1. When Trey came out (to introduce Usher)
  2. ♥ ♥
  3. When J. Timberlake came out (to introduce Drake)
♥ ♥ ♥

...Outfits I liked...

Ashley Greene- love her lighter hair color

    this dress is actually cute to me;
    i prob would change the top portion a little
    not exactly fond of her outfit. BUT she looks so less trashy with bangs! lol
    this dress is sooo cute
    not feeling the lace sleeve but the middle portion of this dress is cute
    there was potential until they added all the extra fabric...
    I would totally wear something like this!
    Its simple yet very cute
    He looks good Point. Blank. Period.
    love Rihanna's dress. the belt is a cute add-on
As I browsed through the 100+ pics MTV has posted on their website, many of the people looked plain, some unfamiliar to me. But for the one's i recognized, there were a select few that got me think "what the F were you thinking when you got dressed for this awards?" The worst of them all [besides all 10 of Gaga's outfits] was Ms Laurie Ann.. I expected better. She must have got wind that Cher would be making a surprise appearance and wanted to bring the 80s back. And is that a FANNY PACK she's wearing?! smh...

Monday, September 13, 2010

101 in 1001 days- month 13

here's an update to my list =)

Completed: nothing new this month
in progress: # 6, 28. 38, 94
not completing:  21, 40, 42, 54, 68, 84, 98, 90

[red writing = in progress]
[ strike through = completed]
[green writing  = these are items i've decided NOT to complete]]

Start Date: August 17, 2009
End Date: May 14, 2012

1. Visit NYC [crossing my fingers that this happens like my friend planned]
2. Visit Miami
3. Get a 3.0 or higher GPA during a semester of undergrad [Fall '09 got a 3.019.. shooting for a 4.0 in spring]
4. Get drivers license
5. Get a VW bug [red.. or pink. i recently saw a pink one and fell in love]
6. Lose 30 pounds [10/30]
7. Learn sign language
8. Learn to play a guitar [ bought a Fender for my b-day]
9. Get Bachelor’s degree in CDFS & FLE  my school kinda screwed me over and i have to go back in the spring for ONE class.... but F it... I still say I've graduated =P
10. Take the GRE exam
11. Enter graduate school
12. Visit Hawaii
13. Get Child Development Permit
14. Get FLE certificate
5. Go skiing/ snowboarding
16. Take hip-hop dance class
17. Take ballet dance class
18. Take jazz dance class
19. Take Pilates/yoga class
20. Be able to do the splits after all these dance classes
21. Go back to school and get certificate in dance from a Community college [after some financial situations and the comlications with my school... i really wont have the energy or time to pursue this. Maybe in the future i'll just take a few classes]
22. Get angel wings tattoo .... *and a chinese lilly.. and a quote tat =)
23. Get braces
24. Attend a Hollywood red carpet movie premiere-
25. Pay off my credit cards [2/6]
26. Go to a taping of The Price Is Right
27. Read the bible, beginning to end
28. Read 15 (non-school related) books I haven’t read before [4/15] (1) Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, (2) If I Stay by Gayle Foreman (3) Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella (4) Act like a lady, Think like a man by Steve Harvey
29. Get a passport
30. Travel to Canada
31. Travel to a different continent
32. Go camping [trees, tent, wood fire and all]
33. Learn to play the keyboard/piano
34. Learn to play a popular song [new or old] on the keyboard/piano
35. Dye (burgundy highlights in) my hair
36. Go two weeks without drinking soda [25/14] 
37. Go one week without eating candy/sugary snacks
38. Attend 5 different concerts/tours [4/5 -9.3.09 100Monkeys @ The Joint/ 9.23.09 Britney Spears!! / 10.17.09 Justin Timberlake Benefit concert in VEGAS! 09.11.10- Trey Songz ♥]
39. Take a self-defense/ kick boxing class
40. Buy seasons 2, 3, & 4 of Prison Break ... no longer want to even search for these DVDs.... I bought the alternate series finale and that was good enough!
41. Have a One Tree Hill or The OC DVD watching marathon
42. Re-read the Twilight series [0/4] I no longer feel like a Twilight Junkie.... attempted to re-read Twilight- FAIL,, then tried New Moon before the movie came out... FAIL ...
43. Buy a Coach purse
44. Go to Las Vegas [10.17.09 it was fun!!]
45. Get my own apartment
46. Attend an Award show
47. Make a home cooked meal
48. Attend a TV sitcom or game show taping
49. Attend another Talk show taping [already went to a Tyra Banks Show taping]
50. Wear a celeb-inspired outfit
51. Go one week without Facebook/MySpace/twitter... i have deleted my twitter and myspace pages!!! but i cant stay off FB to save my damn life
52. Host a ‘themed’ party
53. Buy a pair of William-Rast jeans - this line will be at Target in December!!!! Merry Christmas to me! =)
54. Take Spanish level 2 class
55. Visit Cancun
56. Attend a live comedy show
57. Buy a FLiP Video and put it to good use!
58. Post a video blog on YouTube about one of my goals on this list []
59. Don’t go clothes/shoes/accessories shopping for a month
60. Get a dog
61. Bake a dessert from a cookbook
62. Become involved in a committed relationship
63. Sort through old clothes/shoes- donate what I no longer wear
64. Buy a pair of black heels and wear them! [Not too high, I don’t wear heels now but I will need to get better acquainted with them by the time these 1001 days are over!]
65. Attend a wedding 
66. Delete my MySpace profile.
67. Go one week eating NO MEAT
68. Go to the gym 3 times a week for one month [0/12days]
69. Go jet-skiing/water-skiing [learn how]
70. See a new movie every weekend in one month [4/4 weekends] by 'new' i didnt necessarily mean brand new to theaters... hehe but i've been able to see a LOT of new [to me] movies in the last month. read my reviews 
71. Completely clean my room; throw away anything I don’t need! [this will be on going]
72. Throw someone a surprise party [it wasnt a HUGE party... but it was BFF kim's B-day && she was surprised!]
73. Read 5 books that have been turned into movies; either before or after movies has been released—not including Twilight Series [1/5] - (1)Dear John, (2)
74. Send a postcard to someone from I place I am visiting/have traveled to
75. Go to Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop in New Jersey[from the show Cake Boss]
76. Go to Orlando, Fl/ go to Disney World
77. Get a massage at a spa
78. Read a Shakespeare novel ...
79. Visit 5 different cities in California [not within LA County area [1/5- Stanislaus(11.7.09)-]
80. Go to Atlanta
81. Buy myself a jewelry item with (a) diamond(s) on it. so i bought a graduation ring, it doesnt have a diamond but the damn thing was pricey enough! lol
82. Get hair cut into a stylish short ‘do
83. Move out of ‘south’ Los Angeles [whoop whoop... as of 11.28.09 i now reside in... uh "Culver City". apparently this part of LA has like 3 diff names]
84. Re-new gym membership [in 2010] after a 3 year membership that i barely used, i dont want another one
85. No watching TV for one week 
86. Go to 5 restaurants I’ve never been to before [5/5-- Benihana's 8.29.09/ Yard House 9.1.09/ 9.13.09 Pastagina in Irvine. yummy pasta!! / 10.3.09 Frisco's / 1.4.10 Togo's ]
87. Try a new make-up style/technique [eye shadow color/ specific ‘look’]
88. Get 8 hours of sleep each night for one week
89. Finish 2 term papers at least one week *before* their due! [0/2]
90. Go to Forks, WA
91. Take belly dancing class
92. Go on a boat ride
93. Buy a “little black dress” and rock it! =)
94. Stick with one phone for entire 2 year contact! [current phone ‘expires’ Oct. 2010]
95. Get a physical every 6 months [0/5]
96. Walk in the Avon Breast Cancer walk/run
97. Learn to swim
98. Help my sorority chapter receive the highest honor/award in the organization
99. Take a pottery/clay molding class
100. Get a full time (or part time) job at a child-care center.. or in the Fam. Life Educator field
101. Visit Washington, DC/ Walk pass the White house!
102. Take photos and keep journal/ scrapbook of the completed things on this list
103. Make a new list of 101 things to do!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Passion, Pain & Pleasure ♥

Hope everyone had an amazing Labor day week/weekend! I know Labor day was last Monday... but yea. =) School has been okay. I just have to keep up with the readings.. which is what I should be trying to do now...

This past weekend I went to the Trey Songz concert and all I can say is OMG! Monica did such a good job performing! And Mr Trey..... hott damn. That man right there.... words cant even explain! His stage show has greatly improved from the last/1st time I saw him perform in 2007.. back when he still had braids!! I'm assuming because this time around it was HIS tour... 3 albums in he *finally* gets his own headline tour. Long over due BUT he has earned it. He definitely knows how to make his fans feel loved. the venue was small and packed but i like the intimate setting. He loves to get personal with his fans, and i love that about him! His voice is out of this world amazing... and basically I'm a huge fan and very biased!

her outfits were so cute! you can really see all the detail in this pic,
BUT trust.. she was rocking some hott 'fits
The one thing that ANNOYED the hell out of me was that the doors to the venue didn't open until 10:30 PM and my cousin and i got in line at 8:30... 2 hours of standing=OUCH. After the doors opened the inside was totally unorganized, not real structure on where people needed to go in order to get into the pit. But after shuffling around for about 10 more minutes, we were in the pit and close to the stage!!! The actual concert started about 11:30pm and we left at 3am!! Mid-way through my shoes came off! Thank goodness Trey performed his ass off and showed some skin cause I would've been highly upset. Overall the show was AMAZING and Trey can now be added to the exclusive list of music artist I'm willing to see perform more than once! =)

by this point, at the end of the show,
I was ready to pass out for various reasons

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kohl's haul ♥

So my package from Kohl's came! I love love LOVE these skirts and the shorts. Sadly one of the shirts and the shorts are literally like 1 inch too small.. :-/ but that is just one inch I will have to loose =)

Not sure if you can tell from the picture but this skirt [and the one below] has pockets! =)

these shorts fit PERFECT; except when i try to button them =(
I'm still keeping them

I LOVE this skirt! Its so different than anything I already have. And for some
reason it reminds me of something Rhianna would wear... idk... but it just does