Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just friends? ... is it really possible?

Maybe its just me, maybe I'm just totally trippin out on this... but I no longer think males and females can be "just friends".... OR maybe in the case that the male and female have previously dated.... I think I mentioned in a post weeks back that I saw one of my exes from years ago. My initial reaction was "Okay, cool. We'll be like friends or whatever" .... that has not been the case one bit. From the jump, he made it kinda clear he wanted the "friends with benefits" package... I usually dont do friends w/ benefits, but considered it... We talked about it.. But then he got worried about things getting wierd between us..... (-_-) and I feel since this convo things HAVE been wierd. My best friend thinks that he changed his mind due to being scared of catching feelings; yet he expressed that he thought I would be the one trying to get all attached.

At this point I just want to scratch the whole "friends with benefits" thing and try to be just friends but i really dont foresee it happening (us being just friends as if the previous convo never happened).... So, I ask, have any of you girls had a situation like this? Any suggestions?!

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