Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a small piece of [My Life]

I know I blog about fashion/make-up looks I like, celebs I love, movies and TV shows. Only occasionally do I blog about person thing I go through. and I can't recall a time where I've given you all a actual 'glimpse' into my life. So I've decided, from time to time I'll post meaningful/random pictures of things in my life that hold some kind of meaning to them. And to kick things off, this first picture involves 2 things I love a lot-- music & movies.... This is my [growing] movie/music collection. I don't usually buy CDs anymore-- get those straight off iTunes

my "TV on DVD" collection (not pictured is season 1 of CSI miami
and One Tree Hill season 1,.... which is currently MISSING!! =(

the top 2 shelves are CDs,
I have old & new stuff [*nsync to TI]the bottom 3, DVD [old school Chipmunks and Child's play to the Saw series]

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