Sunday, September 12, 2010

Passion, Pain & Pleasure ♥

Hope everyone had an amazing Labor day week/weekend! I know Labor day was last Monday... but yea. =) School has been okay. I just have to keep up with the readings.. which is what I should be trying to do now...

This past weekend I went to the Trey Songz concert and all I can say is OMG! Monica did such a good job performing! And Mr Trey..... hott damn. That man right there.... words cant even explain! His stage show has greatly improved from the last/1st time I saw him perform in 2007.. back when he still had braids!! I'm assuming because this time around it was HIS tour... 3 albums in he *finally* gets his own headline tour. Long over due BUT he has earned it. He definitely knows how to make his fans feel loved. the venue was small and packed but i like the intimate setting. He loves to get personal with his fans, and i love that about him! His voice is out of this world amazing... and basically I'm a huge fan and very biased!

her outfits were so cute! you can really see all the detail in this pic,
BUT trust.. she was rocking some hott 'fits
The one thing that ANNOYED the hell out of me was that the doors to the venue didn't open until 10:30 PM and my cousin and i got in line at 8:30... 2 hours of standing=OUCH. After the doors opened the inside was totally unorganized, not real structure on where people needed to go in order to get into the pit. But after shuffling around for about 10 more minutes, we were in the pit and close to the stage!!! The actual concert started about 11:30pm and we left at 3am!! Mid-way through my shoes came off! Thank goodness Trey performed his ass off and showed some skin cause I would've been highly upset. Overall the show was AMAZING and Trey can now be added to the exclusive list of music artist I'm willing to see perform more than once! =)

by this point, at the end of the show,
I was ready to pass out for various reasons


  1. looking at the pics + reading the blog post = extreme jealousy lol j/k..but yea, going to one of his concerts is definitely on my bucket list lol

  2. haha... ooh you would've been way more jealous of the girl he brought on stage and gave a massage to! the boy had the oils and everything! I was real jealous! haha... but i def have to see him perform many more times!!