Thursday, September 30, 2010

Make-Up Reviews

 Lately I've been laying low on buying a lot of makeup for various reasons. But i had a coupon for close to 50% off Revlon and this purchase caused me to get another coupon =) But I only got a few things so I figured I would do a review on the items I purchased.

Revlon Double Twist Mascara- black
I bought this particular mascara because it was on sale and I had coupons. With that said; this was the worst thing I could have bought!!! The brush was cute, but once the brush hit the little tube of mascara it was cute no more! The brush looks all gloppy when I pulled it out... I'm assuming because the mascara is too thick?! I've only used 2 other mascaras before; one (Maybelline Falsies) that I LOVE and one (Rimmel London) that is decent enough for me to continue to use, I think I will stick to the brand that works well for me! **Don't buy this mascara unless you like the "cake frosting mascara" look...

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow- Wild Orchids
I have another set of Revlon Creme Shadows... don't use it often since the colors are bold. The Wild Orchids set it more of a neutral tone. The colors are soft and seem like any one of the colors can go with just about anything you wear-- which I like! I wore two of the colors today [the ones on each end...]

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze- Eternal Blossom
I originally wanted to Coral Color Lipglaze but it looked tampered with.... didn't want to risk using it if [God forbid] someone else used it as a tester.... This gloss is a little thick so I didn't need to apply much. the color doesn't stand out too much, which is okay. It blends in well with my complexion


Maybelline Eye Studio Color Pearls- Ivy Icon

This may seem a little bias, but I LOVE Maybelline Color Pearls. The colors are just basic with the bit of glam/glimmer added... if that makes sense. This color showed up well on my complexion. Haven't tried it on my eyes yet... soon I will.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Pearls- Tantalizing Teal
Same as the previous description-- this color is kinda light, but still shows up well on my complexion. I have not tried this color on my eyes yet.. in the coming days i will =)

** Also, yesterday after work I bought a pack of 60 eye shadow brushes for $5 (from CVS) !! I figured this would be cheaper than trying to buy bigger brushes every other month.

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