Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Fall TV Line-up

Nothing says "Fall" like new season premieres of my favorite shows! My usually TV line-up seems so much smaller this year since One Tree Hill and CSI: Miami were both cancelled last season. And Pretty Little Liars doesn't come back until winter so my TV isn't getting too much love this fall.

Criminal Minds:

Where did Reid's short hair go?? I truly need for him to cut it once again. Not too fond of the shaggy hair look.

Who is the new lady and how did I forget that Prentiss left the show?!? Its apparent I must have missed a few episodes last season.

CSI: New York

So glad this show has been brought back! Considering I'm still a tad bit hurt about the cancellation of CSI: Miami its a pleasure to have my other fave CSI show back and in full effect.

Sadly however, I missed the season 9 Premiere episode because, well, I fell asleep. Lame, I know.I'm have to catch it online or On Demand sometime today or tomorrow for sure.



Not sure why I didn't bother watching this during the last season BUT I've caught up on this show for the last week thanks to Netflix and O.M.G.! I'm so hooked. I love the "who done it" type of set-up. Each episode answers questions while leaving new ones unanswered! Was a little disappointed with the Season finale, but like most shows they have to leave twists! Can't wait to see how Emily gets back at the Greyson's!!! Anyone else watch this show??

Surprisingly those are the only shows I plan to watch regularly. I'll probably occasionally watch other shows but not too often.

What shows are you ladies excited to see this Fall??

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Help Needed

Quick question for all you bloggers out there! Do any of you know of a website or book that can teach me how to create a blog layout or banner?? I feel like its well overdue that my blog get a makeover but I don't have the money to pay someone else to create one for me... plus its would be super fun to learn something new and crafty. Thanks in advance!

Old Navy brought the 90s back ;)

So I saw this commercial last night, and didn't think much of it becasuse its just another Old Navy commerical... UNTIL it comes to an end and the Backstreet Boys jump out of a speaker! LOL It caught me by surprise because I didn't know they were doing an ad with Old Navy. The pants being advertised are also cute, might have to
make a trip to Old Navy soon!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

E.L.F. Haul

Last week I ordered my first set of makeup from ELF. I've known about ELF for a few years now but never purchased anything before.... until now =) I only paid about $26 for all the items posted! The cool thing about ELF products is they are fairly cheap as many of the items were only $1! Also, they were having a special promotion so all 8 of the nail polishes were FREE! I love free things, don't you?

my entire order

Eye primer. liquid eye liner, face primer, lashes, brow stencil

polish [I got for FREE]
(l-r) Dark Navy, Metal Madness, Champagne, Coral, Party Peach,
Gum Pink, Smoking Red. Medium Red
polish swatches [from R to L of the colors listed above]

100 eye shadow palette

I love the nail polish.. I'm currently wearing Metal Madness, its dark but not Gothic looking... has a glimmer to it. and I LOVE that the polish push is wide, no need to

eye shadow- I don't like how the shadows are very dusty, it easily spreads onto the next color when I rub the brush onto a specific color.

Eye primer- I was hoping this would apply like a cream but its more of dusty/mineral primer. At least that's what it looks like when I apply it.

eye brow stencil- both my roommate and I tried using the stencil with some difficulty. I'm guessing it works best when someone else is styling your eye brows for you as opposed to you attempting to do them yourself.

Do any of you ladies wear ELF? Which products do you like best??

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sick Day... quickie post

So today is my day off from work. Usually I'd have things planned, but today I'm sick as a result of going out this past weekend with no jacket.... I still need to get used to Seattle weather and probably wear a jacket when I go out at night =/

I have tons of stuff to do today- laundry, go to the post office to pick up my ELF order [ =D ] and of course get some juice and meds to knock this cold out =( .

Sometime next week I'll post a haul for my ELF order; when I'm not all sick with snot running out my nose LOL.

Hope you all have an amazing Thursday!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of..... ?!?!?!

Last week marked the first day of school for many people all across the country. I have nieces and nephews in elementary, middle and high school as well as the baby niece/nephew both entering Pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds!!! Both my oldest sister and sister-n-law sent my pictures earlier in the week of the little ones all smiles for their first day!! It was just too darn cute for words!

It feels so weird not going back to school for the first time since..... forever?! LOL Although I haven't started my dream job yet I'm just glad to be working! I'm actually in the process of finding a 2nd job cause I have debts to pay off and money to save up.... and frankly one part-time job just wont cut it.

I'm going to have to find some hobbies to start up on since I'm not in school. If its one  think I simply can not stand, its being bored! School always kept me busy, essays, reading, studying. So with that chapter of my life closed its time to find things to capture my interest. I have seen a few cool DIY projects on pinterest that I'm interested in doing... but that probably wont happen until late September/early October. [speaking of October... is it too early to think about Halloween and costumes? Yep, my mind is already there for some reason *shrug*]

Any of you ladies have any cool/fun hobbies you'd like to share??