Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Fall TV Line-up

Nothing says "Fall" like new season premieres of my favorite shows! My usually TV line-up seems so much smaller this year since One Tree Hill and CSI: Miami were both cancelled last season. And Pretty Little Liars doesn't come back until winter so my TV isn't getting too much love this fall.

Criminal Minds:

Where did Reid's short hair go?? I truly need for him to cut it once again. Not too fond of the shaggy hair look.

Who is the new lady and how did I forget that Prentiss left the show?!? Its apparent I must have missed a few episodes last season.

CSI: New York

So glad this show has been brought back! Considering I'm still a tad bit hurt about the cancellation of CSI: Miami its a pleasure to have my other fave CSI show back and in full effect.

Sadly however, I missed the season 9 Premiere episode because, well, I fell asleep. Lame, I know.I'm have to catch it online or On Demand sometime today or tomorrow for sure.



Not sure why I didn't bother watching this during the last season BUT I've caught up on this show for the last week thanks to Netflix and O.M.G.! I'm so hooked. I love the "who done it" type of set-up. Each episode answers questions while leaving new ones unanswered! Was a little disappointed with the Season finale, but like most shows they have to leave twists! Can't wait to see how Emily gets back at the Greyson's!!! Anyone else watch this show??

Surprisingly those are the only shows I plan to watch regularly. I'll probably occasionally watch other shows but not too often.

What shows are you ladies excited to see this Fall??

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