Thursday, August 25, 2011

Healthy Eating.... Healthy Living

since moving to Texas in February I completely changed my eating habits... did a full 180!!! I cut out fast food, started cutting back on fried food and would bake my fish and chicken, cut back on red meats too!!! and on July 17 I made an attempt to go one week without eating any meat!! That one week has turned into close to 6wks!!!!! NEVER would I have thought I'd be able to do that! Sound crazy I'm sure, but meat [beef, pork, chicken] was always the staple of every meal. At 25 I want to live a healthier life!! Too many diseases run on both sides of my family and I DO NOT want to die in my 50s or 60s from something that can be prevented! So far I'm enjoying my vegetarian diet... learning to eat more fruits and salads to compensate for the meat i would usually eat.

in January I was 180 lbs.... in May I was between 155 and 160. Since I stopped eating meat I've gotten down to 148/150!!! 150lbs was always my target weight so I'm excited I was able to reach it!! When I started going to the gym, I met with a personal trainer and she swore I could get down to 140lbs.... I thought she was coo-coo ... but now i can totally do it! I just need to start working out again and I'll get there!! The more healthy meals I start making, I'll try to remember to take pictures and post them on the blog. Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Nails of the Summer

Hello ladies, here are just a few pics of how I wore my nails over the summer.... Although I didn't post much I continued to take pics =D

Nicole by OPI- Twist of Fate

just a lil gold glitter on the tips


Sally Hansen- Blue Me Away [with white Milani nail art polish stripes]

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Im still here :-)

Hi girls!!! I know I've been MIA all summer. It was a very hectic/stressful summer :-( I finished my internship- got an A!!!! Didn't do so well in my anatomy class.... Have to take it again *tears* main bad thing about that is all the sections at the community college near me are FULL O_O. On top of that my living situation is close to unbearable but I don't have the money to move. Sooo as much as I hate to I'm thinking about putting off the anatomy class til the spring and work as much as I can now so I can move by January.

Aside from all that stress, I've been eating healthier!!! Went on a one week "no meat" diet and it turned into a month! As a result of the diet (and a little stress I'm sure) I'm down to 149/150 lbs!!! So I've reached my goal weight!! I haven't exercised much during the summer, but now that I have a little more free time I'm sure I can get down to 140. That's the weight the trainer at the gym felt I could get down to. I thought she was crazy, but now I see its possible!!

I can't wait to get back to doing posts, nails of the week, hauls, etc! When I find time I might change up the layout a bit! Hope all is well with u all. Ttyl!