Sunday, August 9, 2009

blogging Day 1

Sooo this is my first day blogging, sorta.. I used Xanga like 4 years ago [?] but deleted it.. lets see how this goes. I can be super random at times, so be prepared for a little bit of random-ness from time to time. =]

[about me]
- I'm in college [csulb]
- im graduating May 26, 2010 [the countdown has begun]
- kinda addicted to chocolate
- i LOVE music [all kinds]
- love watching movies
- i love to learn new stuf
- im still trying to figure myself out [thats the process of growing up]
- theres sooooo much in this world i want to do, and i hope i get the opportunity to do them!
- like i said before im kinda random =]
- when i find something i really like or love i get really [PASSIONATE] about it... and it'll be express!

and thats all for now.. more to come later =]

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