Thursday, August 13, 2009

random happenings this week

Haven't posted since Monday.. oops.... well not much has gone on this week, well maybe a little bit of stuff. Got releved of Jury Duty; lawyers dropped the case, so much my CSI-type moment. But it worked out fine since I finished my summer class today. Had the wierdest/funniest final ever. It was open book [which is good] but if you didnt have a book you could share with someone! Sooo there were like 3 small groups taking the final together!!! Hilarious! people had music blasting and having side-convos. The techer didnt care. LoL

Didn't realize until eariler the difficulty of cleaning an entire house! =( i'm preparing for a little chapter 'retreat' with my sorority sisters and we're using my place. Me and my mom are pack-rats... this is sad. I have found many things that need to be disposed of ASAP!!!

*Highly Anticipated Movie*
Nope i'm not refering to New Moon... at least not this time. I finally saw the trailer for the newest Tyler Perry movie "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" I watched the play years ago, thought it was funnie, glad its being turned into a movie. Taraji Henson is a really good actress! AND my favorite Puerto Rican is in it; Adam Rodriguez [actor-CSI Miami].

[YaY me, i figured out how to post the actual video onto the blog, only after an hour!]
So thats all for today... another posting tomorrow for sure!

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