Monday, August 10, 2009

Daily Thoughts

So day #2.. or 3 of blogging... Me and my buddie Kim [hey chica] decided to make a blog together.. about TWiLiGHT. mainly because we're both hooked on the book series, and the movie, and the cast! So check it out! [ ] =)

AHH why is Jury Duty such a .... idk what it is.. but I went through it today and its mainly a lot of back & foward "go here, wait there, line up here" lol. But as strange as it sounds I wouldnt mind sitting through a case... just as long as it doesnt interfer with school. So we'll see how tomorrow's session pans out.

TEEN Choice Awards: I kinda felt wierd watching it... mainly because I'm no longer a teen [that went out the window, oh.. 4 yrs ago?] and I barely knew who half those kids [young celebs] were! I remember the TCA days when Nsync BsB, and Britney took over it all! Good times those were. Glad Britney got the Ultimate Choice award! but has J.Timberlake[ Y] gotten it already?!?! If not than I take back my Brit comment.... LoL I am, however, a little disappointed that some of my votes [yes, I changed my age in order to vote... ] didnt stand a chance!

What ever award Channing Tatum was nominated for [i only remeber he was up against RPattz] he should have gotten! but of course 11yr old girls dont understand that much hottness... after looking at the show I realized that this whole Disney Movement thats been going on... is the same as it was 10 years ago: many of the hott celebs came from a Disney background [Mickey Mouse Club]. its funnie to see history repeating it self- sorta.... oh and of course I'm glad Twilight swept up all those awards!!! love that movie!!

Okay, thats all my babbling for one day....

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