Friday, February 19, 2010

The Necessaties of a college senior

The other day I was in my campus bookstore, (the first time in months) and a company was there with information about class rings. I was all excited because I didn't get a class ring in high school so I though it would be cool to have one now as I'm preparing to graduate college. But then I saw the prices.... nearly $600!!!! Then today the other day in one of my classes I was talking with a friend about the grad/senior fair and she mentioned how she need to get invitations and pictures taken, etc. This further got me thinking... graduating college is freaking expensive. So I've compiled a list of the things I will need to do btwn now and May 26!! I'm just glad my 2nd job came through or I'd be u a creek w/o a paddle [lol.. I know its a super old quote, but it works]

  • take 'senior' pictures
  • order cap & gown [$45]
  • buy supplies to decorate cap.. it's gonna be cute!
  • make invitations.... i'm gonna spare myself some money and they to make these on my own
  • graduation ring [$600+]
  • 'graduation' outfit
  • pick location for lunch after
  • grad party? I still don't know about this one....
  • I'm sure theres more stuff that I'll need


  1. I wish I had started a blog to track my college life. [Early] Congrats on graduating this yr...

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  2. aww thanks!!! I'll check out your blog too.