Thursday, May 6, 2010

=) I *heart* Twitter

... and the celebs who take it over [most of them....] I won't lie, I originally joined twitter because my ultimate fav celeb [Justin Timberlake- duh] had a page!!! Now idk how many celebs I follow.... but I always thought it was kinda cool that these famous poeple used twitter since it is a social networking site, and well they clearly are already super social people, right?! So anywho.... I saw a billboard earler for Letter to Juliet and it made me think of Dear John, which I haven't yet seen =( so I took to twitter to see if anyone had any clue when it would be out..

... A few hours later I got a respose..... but not from any kind of likely source..... the star of Dear John [uhhh he played John!!] Mr. Channing Tatum himself responded.. to ME! hahaha now im sure some of you may be thinking "oh that was probably him manager or publicist"..... ummm STOP HATIN' haha. please don't burst my little bubble..... I've been on cloud 9 the last few days and now I think im at cloud 10!! hahaha. And I do have proof.. hahaha worked some computer techno magic... I feel proud.... now I just need JTimberlake or Trey Songz to reply to a message of mine and I'm set!!!

sooo yea if you have a twitter follow me!! let me know you're from my blog and i'll follow back for sure!!! 

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