Sunday, May 9, 2010

April buys

I kinda went on a make-up frenzy =/ I won't be doing this again for a while!!! But I'm trying to try out different brands to see which i like.. and when thing are on sale [like buy 1, get 1 free OR get 1 at 50% off]  I can't resist!


- eye shadow- Electric Pop: the case was cute... and I got a $3 coupon for spending $10 on Revlon products!!! I like the colors. The dark blue almost look grey-ish since i dont pile it on my eye lids.
- polish- Black Lingerie: the only other black polish I had was from NYC and it was horrible!! waayyy too watery and needed 10 coats! This Revlon polish does the job in only 2 coats... really only one is needed BUT to help it stay longer i use 2 coats!

- lip stick - 290 Sugared Bronze... haven't bought a lip stick since I was like 11.. and I only bought it then cause I thought it was cute

- gloss- Cherry Kiss... it's suppose to be a cherry flavor.. but i can't tell =/ sooo its 'okay'

Sally henson polish
- Expres-so Yellow:... I had a yellow polish that I got from Vicki Secret about 2 years ago, but I no longer liked how it looked on my nails :-/ this polish goes on nice and smooth doesn't look watery or anything! [its in the first 2 pics, you can kinda see it!!]

Rimmel London
- mascara- Glam Eyes in Extreme Black: This case was sooo cute and i like how this mascara doesn't clump! I'm not a huge masacra girl.. so i use this occasionally

- gloss- Royal Gloss in Cookie: this lip gloss is poppin! haha jk But this gloss really taste like the flavor! sometimes, I've noticed that it kinda spills out of the little tube.... but that could be because i keep it in my pocket while at work... but I still love it!


  1. Yea that NYC black polish is HORRIBLE. I still have it in my collection but I refuse to use it unless it's a last resort situation.

  2. ooohh im glad im not the only one who thought this!! i might throw mine out eventually.