Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[[ My Faves ]]

Soo quite a few blogs (As For Amy,and Ms A. Bright )that i read have done one of these little surveys/questionnaires... sooo I'm hopping on the ban-wagon so you all can learn a little more about me!

1. Favorite Hobby reading.... soon it will be playing guitar , once i learn =)
2. Fave TV show Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill and CSI Miami

3. Fav Resturant Food
anything with Shrimp

4. Fav thing to shop for
shirts.. its also the easiest thing for me to shop for!

5. Fav Animal
.... don't have one

6 Fav Song
i have far toooo many to name one! a few would be "Hate That I Love You" and "Rehab"-Rhianna  "Mad" and  "Single"- both by Ne-Yo, "You're Not Sorry" -Taylor Swift

7. Favorite Word
stank heffa

8. Fave recent YT video
..... don't really have a fav YouTube vid.. i just watch music vids and the various guru channels.....

9. Fav Movie
again tooo many to name them all. A few include: all Will Smith movies, Hairspray, Shrek 3, and a large variety of other movies... not limited to one genre!

10. Favorite childhood memory

* not sure if I need to tag anyone. but feel free to do this if you wish! =)
watching GOOD quality cartoons! and childhood in general before the internet took over!

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