Monday, May 31, 2010

I love Twilight and all. BUT...

.. I'm kinda over it. IDK.. maybe because I've chosen not to drown myself in all the clips and previews and interviews. Like I'll see stuff about it online, but I won't bother reading it. I use to follow like 5-10 blogs that were ony about Twilight.. And now I follow like 3, and I don't read those either. I co-run a Twilight blog with a friend but I don't really post anything on there, because well... I'm completely out of the Twilight loop... Ask me what their doing and I won't be able to tell you. Like a few weeks back they were on Oprah.... I taped it but sure haven't watched it yet. Is this a sign of that fad being over in my life? Am I simply growing up and moving on from something that consumed my life for a good 5 months of my 23rd year???!!! I know I will still see the movie, but NOT at midnight due to summer school. Hopefully by the time June 30th rolls up I'll be ready and hyped! Cause I still need to see my beloved tent scene ::insert giddy teeny squeel:: 

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  1. Lol I can't wait til that movie comes out!

    Btw. I added you to my blog roll because I loveee your blog :)