Friday, May 21, 2010

The Nail Debate......

So my graduation ceremony is WEDNESDAY! Ahhhhh. I want to look nice, of course, and this includes my nails. Now I occasionally like acrylic nails but HATE the process of getting them off!!!!! So I was thinking of getting the KISS press/glue nails but idk if they make them long enough to cover my nails my fingers/fingernails are kinda long. So since I prob wont be in the mood to search for the
'long' kind I many just resort to painting my own nails :-/

Do you girls have any suggestions on what I could do???


  1. I think you should do them yourself. You can go on youtube and just search through and try to find a simple design you can do. Any kind of false nails will mess up your natural nails and you will feel better about your nails because you did them yourself.

  2. thanks! i found a white nail are pen.... so i'll brainstorm and look at a few YT vids.... hope the end results r good