Saturday, May 15, 2010

Desperate times..... Call for Desperate Measures!!!

So I was working on a project the other day and a website I was looking at mentioned the Body Mass Index. Now I haven't check one of these since last semester so I figured I see where I stood on this scale... ::cries:: APPARENTLY:: I'm overweight!!!! For my age and height, the average weight tends to be 118 to 159 .. that seems like a huge gap!! Now I was 130ish wayyyy back in middle school! and i've prob been over 140 since high school but I really need to get more serious about excercising!!

I weighed myself the other day and ::Gasps:: I've gain like 7lbs since my bday!! WTF!!! Sooooo I did what any worried woman would do..... I bought some "detox/ cleanse" products. I originaly wanted to try QuickTrim..... the stuff the Kardashian sisters sponser,  but chose not to. So I bought SlimQuick [the names are damn near the same]. It wasn't tooo pricey, but its a lot of freakin' pills :-/ I wil keep you all updated on how this goes....

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