Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 videos.... same reaction- shocked..

So three four new videos from artists I like or LOVE premiered in the last week.... and this is what I thought:

1. "Yo Side of  the Bed"  Trey Songz - how for the love of God can anyone not love this man?!?!?! The video is sooo touching! I always liked this song.. love when he hits his lil notes ahhh... but back to the video. Loved the theme... Keri looked really cute; they made a cute lil married couple!! Since I had seen the behind the scenes a few weeks back it kinda took away from the part when.... Trey breaks down... ahhh sooo touching! overal very cute video! I'm sure military families everywhere will like it!

2."No Bullshit" -Chris Brown- I always liked CB. this song *kinda*  reminds me of his song "Take You Down"... has the same sexual theme... but this video.... WHOA Chris... Someone is one freaky lil 21 yr old! People were blowing twitter up about him lickin some girl's ass [WTF?!]....  I really don't know what I think of this..... its like a few steps shy of being a sex tape/porno.... not really a good look Chris. Still love ya..

3. "RockStar 101" Rihanna .... yea I was shocked alright... what the F was this?!?!? I love her last album but all the damn videos she's putting out keep getting stranger! What happened to the 'Good Girl Gone Bad-album Rihanna?? Guess she went all that way bad! still love her songs.I honestly have not clue as to how any of that video related to the song. Anyone know?! Please let me know! lol

4. "Deuces" Chris Brown [again]. I forgot he released a mixtape and I guess this means a lot more videos will be made .... I just watched this video/heard  the song  all for the first time. I like the song, the video is okay, nothing fancy. Not sure why there's a random girl walking around... I guess just for the heck of them having a "model" in the video.. hahaha. But again, nice song; good meaning. I really forgot that CB can dance.. he still has good moves. overall nice video


  1. I love Chris Brown and Tyga's mixtape. At first I wasn't too sure about it but after listening to a couple songs it isn't that bad. As far as Trey's video......I cried. It was soooooo touching. I LOVE Chris' video no b.s. It's too sexy

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was reading my master's thesis, which ended up being a total of 125 pages (WHEW). I am so glad to finally be done.

    I am loving this new Trey Songz CD. I think because it reminds me of R-Kelly...LOL!

  3. haha..shocked. I was shocked by no bullshit too! damn loll

  4. You should see Rihanna's Te Amo video if you were shocked about Rock Star lmao.