Tuesday, December 15, 2009

letting go of the past

Since moving I've realized that I am a (semi) huge pack rat. I tend to keep things and not throw stuff away even when I don't currently need it, in hopes that Imight need it in the future! Sooo I finally finished cleaning my room and unpacking and decided to fully let go of the past (i.e. the junk I've been holding onto. I literally had/have old essays, super old posters (nsync, o-town, etc...). Its crazy for me to think back on the amount of my parent's money I must have spent in order to buy all those dumb teeny-bopper magazines (as they were called back in 1998). So I know it sounds childish but I'm glad I was finally able to get rid of all the stuff I don't need. I think in today's society people tend to hold on to things for sooo long. While moving 2 of my friends said that "at a certain point you have to let things go" this def includes material things. So I feel a lot better now that I have a little less clutter :)

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