Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movies, popcorn and ... wine?!

I was watching the new about an hour ago and this story caught my attention. There's a fairly new movie cinema that very different from others. It has plush seats, serves all the regular snacks, shows the same movies; but there is one noticeable exception- They serve wine?!?!? Yep, alcohol at the movies. So the news guy from KTLA [the only news I watch] was at the Gold Class Cinema in Pasadena. This place looks nice, but there are a few draw backs. the seating is spaced out, so its 2 chair sectioned together, space, the 2 more chairs. Soo this is clearly not the spot to go with a bunch of friends. The theaters inside are tiny, based on the one they showed. Not only can you order Wine while you watch your movie; if you get cold they can provide you with a blanket and pillow! WTF.. when did going to the movies become a lounge bar/airplane?! If I'm going to the movies, I not trying to sleep [although its happened 3 times.. that's a diff story]. Its like they get you all settled into the chair, give you alcohol and next thing u know the ending credits are rolling and you've missed the entire movie. oh and did i mention it cost $35 to see a movie! I definitely wont be going to Pasadena to check out this place.

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