Friday, December 11, 2009

MTV's Teen Mom

I wont lie, I did watch the MTV show 16 & Pregnant. I personally don't know what its like to have a child at a young age because, well I don't have kids. but I thought this was a decent enough show. Many of the girls had the same naive thought "I didn't think this would happen to me". And now 4 of the girls from the show have a new spin-off show "Teen Mom". Idk what to make of this show, i guess its showing the real life aspect of being a teen mom. Each of this girl's situations are different and its obvious none of them were ready for being a parent.

I know teen pregnancy has been a huge thing for decades, and it seems the media kinda went into over-drive about the topic after Britney Spears' lil sister got preggers but i wonder--> Is this MTV's way of teaching teens the 'truth' of having sex too soon and not being safe? I feel bad one some of these girls though. 1 dropped out of high school, I'm assuming due to lack of support from family? and then the girl who gave her baby up for adoption, only gets to see her baby girl twice a year and her mom and step-dad[who happened to be the baby's daddy's father...] never stop complaining about it... I don't foresee a strong 2nd season.. hopefully this goes along with MTV's plan at having preventing teen pregnancies, at least that's what I think their plan is.

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