Saturday, December 19, 2009

17 years of being 'Real'

So next week on the 30th, MTV starts the 23rd season of the longest running show ever- The Real World. I honestly can't believe this show is still up and running. The new season take 7 strangers to the nation's capital- Washington DC for those unfamiliar w/ U.S. trivia. I think when season 20 started it was weird to watch because the cast member were the same age as me.... and now I'm almost "too old" to be considered for this show but I still love it.This show started the craze of reality TV... but about 10 years before anyone else considered it. I wonder what cities this show will visit in the future.

1- New York
2- Los Angeles
3- San Francisco
4- London
5- Miami
6- Boston <-- this is the season I started watching I like n 6th or 7th grade!
7- Seattle
8- Hawaii
9- New Orleans
10- Back to N.Y.
11- Chicago. <-- dnt remember this season...who was on this season?!.. or maybe i'm getting it confused w/ the Vegas season....
12- Las Vegas
13- Paris
14- San Diego
15- Philidelphia
16- Austin
17-Key West
18- Denver
19- Sydney
20- Hollywood
21- Brooklyn
22- Cancun
23- Washington, D.C.
* I missed the 'excitement of seasons 13-19 when I didn't have cable... I probably could've watched at but that idea didn't cross my mind. :-/
So is anyone else excited for the new season of the Real World?! OR do you think MTV has held on too long?!

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