Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goals for 2010

Well its almost a new year and that means resolutions... well sort of. A few years back I gave up on making resolutions, because like most of the world, I don't keep them! but I've decided to make a list of small meaning-full goal to work on through out the year rather than specific things, like 'lose 20 pounds' lol hopefully i do well at working on these...

1. Find some new bars... Clubs ain't my thing but i still need to find some fun spots!

2. Spend time with friends more- all of them, not just a select few [if/when possible]

3. Get a damn car/ DL!!! haha this is LONG overdue. i need to face my DMV/test anxiety =/

4. SAVE money.. no outrageous spending when I know spending x amount will set me back

5. STOP making donations to Bally's and get my ass toned and fit!!! I want to look HOTT come summer- bikini type hott.. lol

6. Fully-- FULLY focus on school. Spring is my last full time semester.. I want a damn 4.0! I know it's possible

7. Stop be scared of what others may think or say... time to SAY what I think/ feel! The overly-nice me is being left in 2009, i hope

8. Read more books... its apart of my 101 list =)

9. Volunteer more!!!

10. Find new hobbies.... starting with the guitar that i don't yet have, but will have soon =)

11. Become a little bit more of a fashionista... try a few new styles. looks

12. Be a better Christian... plan on reading my bible cover to cover!

13. Become a better person/friend.. I already try to be nice and positive to everyone... hope i keep it up.

14. Decrease my shy-ness! ahhh this has held me back far too much. I want 2010 to be they year that changes my life- for the better of course!

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