Monday, December 7, 2009

No air time for divas!

So I was watching the KTLA news this morning. Snoop Dogg was there to promote his new CD. A children's choir was there performing some holiday songs... and at some point the news anchors were suppose to interview Perez Hilton... I think he's releasing a book? Idk... I don't follow him much. BUT after Snoop did his segment and the kids sang, the news anchors revealed that Perez would not be on the show after all. Apparently he was upset that he had to wait and would be on until after Snoop and the kids. Ummm does he really think he's suppose to get special treatment?! All he does is blog about celebs... why throw a temper tantrum and burn bridges.... his loss. What makes the situation 10x worse is that he's a grown man! It doesn't matter if he's gay, straight, or squared... what kind of ADULT throws a temper tantrum? Someone is clearly a spoiled diva brat!

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