Monday, December 7, 2009

Home Makeover

Is it just me or does Extreme Makeover: Home Edition make anyone cry? I swear just the opening 10 minutes when Ty (I think that's his name) introduces the chosen family to his team... ahhh :-/ but this weeks episode was no different... with the exception that Usher and Selena Gomez helped out. Usher help with painting walls and laying tile. And while the family was sent to Hollywood the daughters got to meet Selena Gomez. Awww it was a cute episode... its always nice to see deserving families get a nice new home. :) and while on the subject of this show.. I read a few days back that one family that was able to get a home makeover can't pay their mortgage and their home might be up for foreclosure. WTH! I thought that type of stuff was taken care of prior to the families getting the new house but I guess not. I hope things work out for that family.. it would really suck to lose your new home.

* After a little research i found this foreclosure scare/possibility happened to another family back in 2007 =/ Hopefully none of those families lose their homes.

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