Saturday, December 12, 2009

H.A.L.O. Awards

So I actually watched Nickelodean.. or Teen Nick just to see the Halo Awards. This was a cute show, I liked the idea that teens who work hard to make a difference were honored. Two of the stories were really touching.. the 1st- a girl from Long Island had scoliosis and started a club for other girls in her area. I really connected to this story because I too have/had scoliosis. Although I didn't have to wear a back brace like Leah did, its still a challenging thing to go through. Much props to this girl for making a difference!

The other story-- Brian. Ahhh his story is beyond said. His twisted father who was a lab technician injected him with HIV because he and Brian's mother were getting divorced and this man didn't want to pay child support. Now the asshole is spending the rest of his life in prison! This kid started an organization to bring more awareness about kids with AIDS and sadly due to his father's actions he lost his hearing.

I think all these kid's stories were amazing and its good to see Nickelodean shining the spotlight on kids that are making a difference. It was inspiring to watch.

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