Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chris Brown's 20/20 special

I've always been a CB fan; since his first album came out. And I saw him in concert once, it was a good show. So i was really shocked when they whole "situation" came up back in Feburary. I never took sides I love both Chris' and Rihanna's music. By now we all know their each releasing new albums... Rihanna has been all over everywhere promoting, but Chris- not so much. But its partially understandable... he has to fix his image... lots of people are still shining a bad light on him. So recently he did an interview for 20/20 and here's what I thought about it:

* I really think CB is sorry for the entire situation. In nearly all of the interview's I've seen him do, expecially this one he genuially looked and sounded sad. Im glad he apologized- again- so people can hopefully see he's trying to change.

*As far as the part about the song he wrote to Rihanna, and her hearing it, or not heariing it.... hmm who knows? I didn't see her interview so i can't fully comment on that. But what i can comment on it Chris' song "crawl" - its a nice song, you can totally feel and hear the sadness of the song.

*I applaud Chris for trying to make a change. He may not be doing what some people want or expect him to do, but from the little things I've seen, [Interviews and a song or 2], it appears to me that he's trying to change. Going back to the Chris he was when "Run It!" came out.

check out the 20/20 clip here--> Chris Brown Interview on Rihanna With Robin Roberts - ABC News

And here's a lil 'old school' young Chris... can it be said that this was "back in the day"? hmm idk this was one of my fav songs from his first album.

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