Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Golden Gloibe nominations

I don't usually watch many of the 'big' movie awards cause its usually films I've never thought of seeing that sweep up all the awards.. and I think the nominations for next years Golden Globes kinda proved my reasoning. Now some of the films nominated I do want to see- but only a very few [Precious, both movies Sandra Bullock was nominated for..., and maybe a few others]. For whatever reason I was awake way too early and discovered that the nominations were going to be read from Bev. Hills. Little did I know my fav celeb was one of the announcers. Yep ladies and gents J.Timberlake was one of the 3 announcers. Now did I stay up to watch the presentation? Heck no,! I set my DVR to tape 2 hours of the news and I went soundly back to sleep. I was a little confused as to why Avatar was nominated... has that movie even come out yet? and is Up In The Air that good?! Like i know it was a limited released last month and opens everywhere on Christmas.. but yea, it didn't seem like a great movie from the previews... maybe its just me...

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