Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shopping Hiatus Broken!

So recently I went a month or 2, or 3 with shopping ::gasps:: mainly because I wanted to break my bad habit of buying things I didn't need and also because I was super broke. So now that im back to working, I'd derived a little plan to help me from over-spending.... pay in cash!! haha sounds silly, but most people pay w/ debit or credit cards now a day, right?! So recenly I went to the mall... first time I didn't see anything I felt like buying... strange... second time went with my bestie and forced myself to shop with the cash I had and that was it! And I must say I did pretty good thanks to Forever 21's inexpensive-ness .... and the fact that Bakers didn't have the $80 boots i sooo desperately wanted =(

cute top .. almost got the cardigan until I found this =)

another cute top... I like Roses for a particular reason...sorority thing

white leggings.... I have 4 other pair of leggings that I don't wear.... but these go great with the Rose top!

2 cardigans... haha every time I see a cardigan I think of the Old Navy commerical "Party Cardi" lol... those silly manniquens.

can you see this one... its lavendar.. kinda matched the cover.. sorry

tanks-- you can NEVER havve too many of these!

cute jewerly from Torrid... They have cute clothes, but i cant wear 'em... so i buy their accessories!! The ALWAYS have cute stuff!

** if anyone know where i can find boots [in BLUE/NAVY] like these that are LESS THAN $100... please let me know! Thanks! **

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