Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Want to Change The World

By now, we all know of the sad situation in Haiti... Devastating earthquakes are never nice- doesn't matter what country it is. After 2 weeks of absorbing all the news reorts and hearing the thoughts of other people i feel i have finally been able to wrap my head around this situation. My view on th whole thing is caught in the middle. On one hand i feel tremendously bad for the families that have been effected by the earthquake. I'm thankful that there are certified doctors that have taken the time to help the injured and needy in Haiti. and i love the fact that people have come together to assist in helping bring peace and happiness back to Haiti in the hope that things can be rebuilt like they once were.

Yet on the other hand... i'm a little egocentric. I cant seem to understand where this sudden "we need to make a huge difference" attitude came from. I don't recall the victims of Hurricane Katrina getting a telethon... or the families of 9/11. How often are we helping the homeless in the U.S.? I know this seems rude, but that is my pure opinion... just like the top half is also my opinion. It seems that when the U.S. runs to the rescue of others its like a slap in the face to the US citizens who desperately need help. Did i mention parts of New Orleans; manly citizens that survived the hurricane, still don't have proper housing.... Yes thats true. How do i know? I know because I'm taking a class and during our spring break we're going to N.O. to help buildd a house for someone who lost theirs after Hurricane Katrina rolled through. That was 5 years ago?! Should N.O. people still be living out of trailers?! Should more and more U.S. citizens still be suffering? I don't think so.

Please don't think I'm not being sensitive towards the Haiti situation, because I am. I do plan to donate to an org to help take meds there to help people... but i also want to see the U.S.A. become a happier/ safer place! I vow to help change something about the homeless epidemic because is not a pretty site.

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