Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammy's & a B-day

So the Grammy's are tonight! I'm kinda excited... I love award shows for some odd reason. I hope the performances are good and my favs win... something!! I'll probably post my opinions on the show later.

While on a musical note... it's my fav performer's has a birthday today... my friend thought I was crazy for remembering this... but after being a fan of someone;s music for more than 10 years isnt it kinda hard to not know... considering he was in a boyband in the late 90s and I was the typical boy-band fan.. knew way too much useless info.. hahaha... sooo yea... Happy Birthday to Justin Timberlake.. I was soooooo beyond sad when i heard he was at Timbaland's show. Considering i didn't even find out about Timbaland's concert until last week, which was too late to even get tickets.

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