Sunday, January 10, 2010

# 36 -- on 101 list-COMPLETE

completed: Sept. 2009. still decreasing soda intake today

WOW no soda for 2 weeks... I really thought it would be harder than it really was! It's funny how we really are capable of not doing something if we're really determined! Every time I got thirsty and eyed a bottle of orange soda it was way too tempting, mainly because I'm so used to always drinking soda but I've found some good substitutes! Juice, water, Robek's and more water!! I think it was partially because I'm taking both aerobics and a dance class this semester and I know that all the sugar wouldn't help when I was already tried and dehydrated. My next mission [which will indeed be tough] will be to decrease my chocolate intake.... we'll see how that goes, whenever it starts!

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