Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OTH is back!

Aww the one show that I've been watching for.. well over 5 years, is back with new episodes. I must admit that I did not think season 7 would be as good as it is turning out to be! For those that watch, know what happened in season 6-- all the drama and suspense just for Peyton and Lucas to leave?! I really worried season 7 would go downhill but they've managed to keep the plot good and interesting! So YAY to the writers of O.T.H. I hope the show is brought back for a season 8!! I'm not sure how the reason of Season 7 will look, but I think Brooke needs a baby.. and a husband.. she's just been through soooo much!!! She needs her happiness too... so Julian needs to step it up and fight for Brooke... and Brooke needs to stop shutting Julian out...!! lol... okay, enough of that rambling.. comment if you wish...

the original cast... I liked it better this way [season 1-6!]season 7 cast .. a few new faces... but whatever

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