Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Celeb Crush

So i'm sure i mentioned this before, but about 6 months ago i discovered Criminal Minds! and can't get away from it! I was watching the new episode last night and realized something.... Matthew Grey Gubler is really cute... in a dorky kinda way. Now his character- Spencer Ried- is like a genius who's already a doctor in his mid 20s! The more i've seen this show, the more he become adorable! And the last episode was no help... men always look better when their al dress up.. and well he was rockin a suit.. very nice... So this dude has now become my new television crush.... lol.. just thought i'd let y'all know

... Shamar Moore is mighty fine too ;)

For the longest i was glued to CSI Miami for this man--->

But since he got cut in season.... ummm whatever season their in now (7 i think..) i slowly lost interest in the show =( the 'drama' isn't the same... but at least he's on random episodes of Ugly Betty.... which i never seem to know about until the episode has already aired.. grrr

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